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Pekhorsky textile is a good choice for hand and machine knitting
Pekhorsky textile is a good choice for hand and machine knitting

Pekhorskaya yarn has always been famous for its naturalness and quality. Products made from this yarn are durable. Working with her is a pleasure. Soft and pleasant to the touch, multi-colored and beautiful, pekhorka yarn is used for knitting children's things, sweaters, dresses, capes, hats, blouses, coats. It makes interesting and original products.

Types of Pekhor yarn

Pekhorsky textile produces yarn from natural materials: cashmere, silk, alpaca, linen, cotton, wool.

Each of them has its own unique properties.

Linen threads make it resistant to wear, durable and comfortable to use. Of these, you can knit dresses, blouses that can be worn in hot weather. In linen products, a person does not sweat and feels comfortable and light. Linen material is hypoallergenic, so it is well suited for people suffering from various types of allergies. It also has antibacterial and antifungal properties.

Products knitted from llama wool - alpaca are very soft and light. From it you can knit capes, blouses, sweaters and much more.

Cashmere is made from the wool of mountain goats. Warm sweaters, hats, sweaters are usually knitted from it. can be linked andcoat. The main property of cashmere is that it perfectly stores heat and protects from winds. Cashmere does not cause allergies.

In addition to sheep wool, merino wool is used to make yarn. Their pile is longer, durable and has a special elasticity. The product does not fall off and does not roll.

Pekhorsky textile

Varieties of yarn

Pekhorsky textile is divided into yarn for children, autumn yarn, winter, summer, cotton, with the addition of acrylic, fiber, and so on.

For children, the Baby Caprice yarn is ideal, which includes 50% merino wool and 50% fiber. The product is warm and silky. After washing, the color does not change, the shape is kept.

pekhorka yarn

For demi-season clothes, "Autumn", "Fashionable sound", "Favorite of the season" are suitable. The quality is the best.

For winter clothes, you can choose "Glamorous", "Secret of Success", "Goat Down".

Pattern from Pekhor yarn are embossed and voluminous. Knitting with "Pekhorsky Textile" yarn is a dream for skilled knitters. You can use both knitting needles and a hook. The loops are easy to pick up, do not interlock and are softly knitted. Pekhorka products are hygroscopic and do not prick, which is especially important for small children.

Value of Pekhor yarn

Pekhorsky textile is highly valued among needlewomen, because it makes yarn of different colors and shades, structure and size. A huge selection of colors allows you to connect exactly what you want. It is produced according to a uniqueItalian technology. Products made from Pekhor yarn do not deform, and the color does not change, it remains saturated and bright. The only drawback is that the product dries for a long time after washing.

pekhorsky textile reviews

The fashion for knitting will never go away. On the streets, you can often see people in original, beautiful knitted things. To make a knitted product look like this, you need to use high-quality yarn. The best choice is Pekhor textiles. Reviews about him are only positive.

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