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Plush yarn is a great choice for knitting amazing things
Plush yarn is a great choice for knitting amazing things

Recently, products made from soft plush yarn have become very popular. After all, unusually beautiful blouses, stoles, cardigans, sweaters, children's clothes can be knitted from it. Various toys made from this material are interesting. They are soft to the touch and young children love to play with them. This allows them to develop tactile perception.

Features of using plush yarn in knitting

Plush yarn is often used to knit various beautiful accessories for the interior of a house or apartment: covers, blankets, pillows, blankets, rugs, and so on.

plush yarn

Experts recommend using knitting needles with this yarn that are suitable in thickness and length. According to numerous reviews of needlewomen, when crocheting, the loops of the previous row are not visible, so the hook should be taken a little larger. Therefore, craftswomen prefer to knit with knitting needles. From plush yarn, if the needlewoman has a well-developed imagination, you can knit creative jewelry. No one will have these.

Plush yarn in its composition is usuallyContains 100% micropolyester. It can have different shades of color, so it's easy to find the right color and knit exactly what you want.

Plush yarn of popular brands

Plush yarns from companies such as Adelia Sofia, Alise softy, "Nazar" are especially popular. The first is an Australian manufacturer, the other two are Turkish firms. Plush products from threads of these manufacturers are soft, elastic and airy.

The length of the pile of the Australian "Adelia" is 0.5 centimeters. Therefore, plush products look disheveled and thick. The disadvantage is that products from "Adelia" fade when washed in hot water. And the pile of the Turkish manufacturer "Alice" is shorter, so things from it are lighter, neater and smoother.

Unusual products are obtained if both of these yarns are combined. This allows you to create unique, original things.

Children's plush clothes

Children's things are especially good for plush yarn. They are tender and soft. Plush yarn is suitable for knitting boots for the home, both for adults and children. They are incredibly beautiful and warm. A plush fur coat and a hat for children are perfect for walking in cool weather. Therefore, mothers are very fond of this type of yarn.

Knitting needles from plush yarn

The resulting plush yarn products are advised to wear at a temperature of 5-17 degrees above zero.

A well-chosen color of the future product, the correct sizes of threads and knitting needles will create wonderfuldecorations.

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