Fabric glue is a great choice for quality decoupage
Fabric glue is a great choice for quality decoupage

Decoupage - the technique of decorating decorative dishes, furniture, textiles and just walls, originates in the fifteenth century. The masters of that time came to the conclusion that a wide variety of patterns and even entire compositions can be cut out of plain paper and glued to various surfaces.

Adhesive for fabric

True, in those distant times, completely different auxiliary materials were used to translate this type of art into reality, since there was no glue for fabric, and paper of various densities, and others. Now you can ennoble your home with the help of decoupage in the most diverse way, using the main set of tools and improvised materials.

So, first you need to decide on a pattern or ornament that will decorate the room. The main thing is that it matches the interior, does not “climb out” to the fore, but does not get lost among other accessories. Afterthe drawing is applied to paper (it is desirable to use thicker sheets, but they must be flexible enough) and cut out. Glue the application to the surface using fabric glue, as its composition allows you to avoid bubbles and bumps that can form under the paper. You can also use spray adhesive for fabric, applying it to the surface and then reapplying to the back of the pattern.

Adhesive spray for fabric

In order to give an antique effect to any object using decoupage, you must use acrylic paints. They are easily applied to any surface, retain all their qualities for a long time, do not peel off and do not lose color. It is also worth noting that if it is fabric glue used in the decoupage technique, then acrylic paints should be applied only after the glue has dried and soaked the paper. Otherwise, color streaks and irregularities cannot be avoided. It is also important to choose the right solvent for acrylic so that you can fully experiment with shades and color overflows.

Most often, furniture, doors, window frames are decorated with decoupage - that is, all wooden surfaces in the house. In order for the paper to lay down evenly and beautifully, the tree must be prepared, cleaned with sandpaper and treated with a primer. To do this, you can use fabric glue or special decoupage glue, which is sold in art stores. An adhesive solution is also applied to the pattern cut out of paper, and after that the application is glued to the surface. Paper is neededshould be smoothed with a roller to avoid the formation of air bubbles under it.

Glue for decoupage

After the paint is applied. It can cover only the area of ​​the pattern, or it can extend to the entire surface. The paint can be applied in any way - with a brush, roller or even spray, if we are talking about large surfaces. As soon as the paint dries, the wood must be varnished and allowed to completely “grab”. It is worth noting that all the elements that are used in this technique must be of high quality - and glue for fabric, and paints, and even the paper itself. Then the decoupage will turn out really beautiful and unique and will last on the surface for a very long time.

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