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We knit mittens with knitting needles - we create beauty with patterns or with a pattern
We knit mittens with knitting needles - we create beauty with patterns or with a pattern

Mittens, unlike such large things as sweaters, dresses, sweaters, knit much faster, and less wool is needed. However, these small products can be made very beautiful by investing in them imagination and a little perseverance. Before you start, you need to select the patterns with which they will be connected, and buy threads of a suitable color and thickness. We also need 5 knitting needles for knitting socks and mittens in a circular way. They are sold as a set.

Knit mittens with knitting needles: start by choosing a pattern and pattern

We knit mittens with knitting needles

If you look at what products are created by experienced craftswomen, then there will be no limit to pleasant amazement. In one, the canvas is dotted with colorful flowers, in the other, deer jump on it, birds fly. The third one created such patterns on a one-color canvas that you are simply amazed. Something similar can be done by a beginner knitter, the main thing is perseverance and a creative note. We knit mittens with knitting needles, starting with the choice of knitting style, selection of patterns.

Usually intricate patterns are created on a plain canvas. If they are present on mittens,then the pattern is not made from threads of a different color. If you want to flaunt in mittens with a pattern, then the patterns do not fit on them.

Knitting mittens with knitting needles. Braid patterns

knit mittens knitting patterns

Let's consider how to knit such mittens as in the photo. First, the wrist is measured and the required number of loops is dialed so that it is divided by 4 without a trace. They are evenly distributed over 4 knitting needles. Now you should tie 5 centimeters with an elastic band, for this, alternating, knit 2 facial, 2 purl. Next row, knit above knit, purl above purl.

After the cuff is completely ready, the fabric of the mitten is placed in such a way that 2 knitting needles are on the back of the hand, and the other 2 are on the palmar side. All the main actions take place between two knitting needles, which knit the upper - the back of the mittens. The main drawing is the front surface. The 4th loop from the end on the first of these two knitting needles is knitted on the wrong side, all 3 following loops must be removed on an additional knitting needle. Then the front 3 loops of the second - adjacent knitting needle are knitted, after that, knit the 3 previously removed loops with the front ones, and then one purl. Next, continue with the front surface. This was the first row of the main canvas.

So we knit mittens with knitting needles. Three rows are knitted in stockinette stitch, the fourth row is exactly the same as the first.

How to create a pattern on mittens?

If you want snowflakes to shine on the canvas, then you need to stock up on a thread of a contrasting color. If the main yarn is dark, then the pattern is made light, and vice versa.

we knit mittens with knitting needles - schemes

You need to think in advance where exactly the pattern will be, usually it is located on the top of the mittens. How do we knit mittens with knitting needles? The diagrams will help you figure it out. The place of the canvas, where the squares are shaded in a dark color in the figure, is knitted with a thread of a different color. Then the main one is taken. If, for example, in the same row, through 3 loops, you need to knit a loop of an additional color, then the thread is stretched behind knitting so that it is on the wrong side, and then it is knitted.

Thus the whole drawing is done. Centimeters 2 before the end of knitting, the loops are evenly closed, knitting 2 loops together on each knitting needle. In the rest, thread the thread and tighten it. This is how we knit mittens with knitting needles, and then wear them with pleasure.

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