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Coin of 20 kopecks 1982. Characteristics, cost
Coin of 20 kopecks 1982. Characteristics, cost

After the 1980 Olympics, many thematic items were created, but the 1982 20 kopeck coin is no different. The circulation was large-scale, so this currency was not particularly popular with numismatists. But over time, its price began to rise, so it remains to be seen what will happen in fifteen years.

20 kopecks 1982 price


The 1982 20 kopeck coin was produced by the Leningrad Mint in large quantities. There is no exact number of copies. Production material - an alloy of zinc, copper and nickel. Such "coin" material is also called nickel silver. The weight of the monetary unit is no more than 3.4 grams (in some materials the number 3, 2 is indicated). The color of the coin is light grey. It has no magnetic properties and characteristics.


The lower part of the circle is occupied by figures showing the year of production of the monetary unit, a little higher is the inscription "kopecks". The entire upper part is occupied by a number indicating the denomination."Twenty" is minted in a rounded font, which began to be used after 1975. Previously, the large numerals of the coin denomination were more angular and sharp in appearance.

On the edge of the coin 20 kopecks 1982 on the reverse there is an image of a wheat stalk (on both sides). Each stem originates from a pair of oak leaves. Wheat spikelets do not touch each other, do not converge from above, they only reach the middle of the number "20".

20 kopecks 1982 photo


Almost the entire surface of the coin 20 kopecks 1982 on the obverse is occupied by the image of the coat of arms of the Soviet Union. These are wheat ears entwined with ribbons that go around the globe. Inside the planet is a hammer and sickle, and a little lower - half the sun. Rays emanate from the luminary, long and straight. They warm the Earth with their warmth.

In the center of the composition, where the wheat stalks practically touch, there is a drawing of a five-pointed star. Its rays are not split, as on many coins of the Stalin era. The star looks unified, rounded and whole.

Sheaves of wheat wrap around a lush ribbon. If you count its turns, then there will be fifteen of them. Symbol of 15 union republics. There are seven bandages in total. The lower bandage forms a kind of small unopened bow, completes the composition from below. The inner spikelets have long awns. At the very bottom (under the coat of arms) is the abbreviation of the USSR.


For the minting of coins of 20 kopecks in 1982, several stamps were used. This is what coins always differ in, this is whatcauses their different prices at numismatic auctions.

So, stamps 3, 1 were used to produce 20 kopecks; 3, 2; 3, 3. The first variant differs in the number of awns on the first (left) spikelet. There will be five of them. The image of the coat of arms of the Soviet Union is slightly overestimated (when compared with the minting on other coins of the same denomination, but made according to a different stamp).

20 kopeck coin 1982

The second version of the stamp can be identified by three awns on the inner first spike of wheat. If you look closely at the image of the Earth, you will notice that the Gulf of Guinea is missing. The coat of arms in this case will be slightly reduced.

Coins minted with stamp 3, 3 are very reminiscent of the monetary units that were produced in 1979. The image of the allied coat of arms will be located quite low. And the Gulf of Guinea can be very well seen on the coinage of the Earth.


The price of 20 kopecks of 1982, which were made by "standard coinage", does not exceed thirty rubles. More expensive will be coins that were made using stamps 3, 2 and 3, 3. The first will cost from ten to 120 rubles, the cost of the second option varies from one hundred rubles to three hundred.

Despite the fact that such coins were regulars in Soviet wallets and many people have them in piggy banks, there are single variants among them that were produced according to the stamp of 1981. The price of such coins reaches 2000 rubles.

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