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Photographer Diana Arbus: biography and work
Photographer Diana Arbus: biography and work

History, as you know, is made by people and captured by photographers. Gloss, glamour, creative delights are characteristic of a true master who is looking for his own ways in photography. Diana Arbus is one of the most famous personalities who was popular all over the world during her tenure. The work of an American of Russian-Jewish origin, who passed away in the halo of her glory, is still contested and is the subject of discussion in the best secular and Western cultural institutions.

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Who is D. Arbus

A woman of mystery for many generations did not part with her camera for almost a minute. She was interested in the world around her, the people living in it, she conveyed their feelings, actions and thoughts in her photographs. The works of Diana Arbus tell about unusual people belonging to various subcultures.

The craftsmanship of a woman has reached perfection, has acquired its own exquisite style and is completelyrejected the glamour, the feigned glamor of the United States after the war. Many admire the independent and strong Diane Arbus. The biography of the photographer is full of various events, happy and tragic.


The future star of photography was born in a simple Jewish family in 1923. The Nemerovs were emigrants from cold Russia, among many other people who fled the country. They found their permanent home in the New York quarter, where Diana's grandfather had already lived, who had previously arrived with his Russian lover, against the wishes of his relatives.

Parents never lived in poverty. In the States, they opened their own business and became the owners of a shop selling fur goods. Farming and running a business occupied the free time of parents, which was not left for the upbringing and education of their children. Therefore, the girl, brother and sister were brought up by governesses. Parents worried and found nannies for the children. Diana Arbus had a special way of thinking and a creative view of the world since childhood.

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Growing up and first love

From an early age, the girl was distinguished by her disobedience and disobedience to the foundations of her views. After graduating from the School of Ethical Culture, she entered the Fieldston School, from where her interest in art originates. Diana Arbus looked at people in a special way. The personal life of the famous photographer has always interested fans.

Children's love overtook a girl at the age of 13, and she immediately hurried to inform her parents that she was marrying an acting studentfaculty of Alan Arbus. The prospect of her daughter's marriage did not please her father and mother, and they decided on her leaving for Cummington School. But all in vain, against the will of her parents, Diana became a wife in 1941 and took her husband's surname.

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The failed young actor was forced to leave his cherished career and get a job to feed his young family. His position was far from art, he began to trade in neighboring shops.

Joint hobby

Two years later, the young man decided to study photography and got a job in the military service courses. He began to involve his beloved in work, giving her a camera.

Some time later, the couple took over the Allan and Diane Arbus fashion photography studio in the capital. Young people shared their professional obligations. The man was engaged in the technical processing of photographs, the development of photographs, printing.

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The girl completely plunged into the life of artistic photography. So she became the head of the studio. Successful solidarity work began to cause controversy. Each of them shared his point of view and defended it. Alan believed that the work should be based on the trend of fashionable photographs at that time, their color, angle, hard lighting. Diana Arbus, whose photos are recognized as real and alive, began to look for interesting ideas filled with various content.

The gap that influenced Diana Arbus's work

After a few months, the routine and gray monotonous life of the studiocame to a young woman. Advertising fashion trends and other trends did not interest her. In the 60s, a husband and wife decided to close their offspring. After two years, they broke up for good.

It took Diana months to find her place in photography. After meeting Lisette Model, they began to get involved in a new direction together. A turn of creative destiny was outlined in the life of the future master. It was at that time that Diane Arbus found her style in art, which still excites the feelings of many generations.

She wandered the streets of the city at night, looked at the everyday life of people in their professional activities, watched the children running through the puddles, feeding the pigeons. The life of ordinary Americans interested the master. So prostitutes, transvestites, freaks with anomalies in their development, nudists entered her creative life.

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Diana didn't like to line up characters like other photographers did. She shot them in everyday poses, did not ask to pose. Therefore, in the photo everything looks natural and simple. Pomp is not to be found in any of the works. Diana Arbus tried to show the true world. Photos of her work can now be seen in many galleries around the world.

Preparing the angle, plot, background and placement of objects - everything was annoying and was against her nature. She called freaks "aristocrats", as they passed a life test at their birth and growing up. Art critics were quick to spot the rising star. Someone admired her work, someone completely rejected it. Butthere were no indifferent spectators.

Famous around the world

In the 60s, works were presented in the halls of the New York Museum of Modern Art. Photos began to appear in prestigious magazines of that decade. Recognition as the famous best master of photography came to Diana once and for all.

But, like many creative people, Arbus began to have suicidal thoughts on the creative Olympus. She decides to take a large dose of barbiturate, opening her veins at the same time. In addition, for many years she suffered from the consequences of hepatitis, fell into depression, and suffered from severe and prolonged headaches.

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The final years of her life, photographer Diane Arbus ended up taking pills in apathy and dissatisfaction with her work. She was under the pressure of frustration and overwhelm.

Departure from life was incomprehensible and strange to everyone, although it was assumed that the woman suffered from schizophrenia. She died on July 26, 1971, the woman was 48 years old. After her death, Diana Arbus became famous for her work in America, Canada, and Europe. Many essays, books are devoted to her, a feature film was made telling the biography of the photographer. Be sure every fan of her work should see the movie "Fur: An Imaginary Portrait of Diane Arbus" (2006).

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