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Yulia Tsvetkova: photographer from Nizhny Novgorod
Yulia Tsvetkova: photographer from Nizhny Novgorod

Live in Nizhny Novgorod and need a professional photographer? Julia Tsvetkova is a young and charming girl, ready for any photo orders. Wedding shots, pre-wedding shoots, romantic photo walks, children's photo sessions - it will do everything right.

Yulia Tsvetkova

The artist is the creator of beauty. To reveal the creation and hide the creator - that is the purpose of art.

These lines belong to the writer who gave the world the classic work "The Picture of Dorian Gray", Oscar Wilde.

Photography is also an art. The contrast of colors, the ability to compose a composition and process the resulting photos - all this is difficult. It takes a long time before worthy masterpieces begin to turn out. And that's not to mention ideas! No plot - no photo.

The photographer Yulia Tsvetkova has all the necessary qualities. Her works are very aesthetic to the eye, they are really nice to look at. There is nothing superfluous, all elements are harmoniously distributed throughout the photo. Fortunately, photos of Yulia Tsvetkova do not want to leave their creator incognito. And we can learn a lot about her and her work.

Wedding photo

Yulia has interesting work. The girl is experimenting with the focus of the frame, and indeed with its setting. Don't want to invite a photographer because you think it's a waste of money, effort and time? You think that a relative will take a picture normally. It will come to mind. Most photographers have no originality anyway.

And we'll tell you - it's not like that! Look, these are not just profile photos, full face and general photos with guests. Julia Tsvetkova puts her heart and soul into every order. Could just a friend or relative climb so high for a unique shot?

Wedding photo


Customers thank photographer Yulia Tsvetkova for a wonderful photo session. Some of them prefer to continue to invite Yulia, giving her the role of a family photographer. Also, most note the true transfer of emotions in the photo, which deserves special attention.

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