Professional photographer Elena Korneeva
Professional photographer Elena Korneeva

Photography has become a familiar part of our lives. Some perceive the process of photographing as entertainment, others try to reflect something individual, while others treat photographs as art. But for some, photography is both a hobby, a job, and a creative activity.

Professional photographer Elena Korneeva

In the modern world, everything is changing very quickly, in this turmoil of life, you want to keep the best memories. Photography is the best way to capture the best that usually goes unnoticed or forgotten after years.

"With the help of photographs, you can reflect and forever preserve the individuality of a person," says the famous photographer Elena Korneeva, who is engaged in professional photography of children. For her, in the first place is the creation of a beautiful, memorable image - an eternal gift that can be considered again and again for many years.

The inspiration that the photographer experiences while working and which is designed to make his work unique is another feature of Elena's photographs. All of them are created under the influence of a beautiful muse. Moreover, Elena believes that she should share her inspiration witheveryone on the set, the reciprocity of the author and the character helps the photographer to be astute and, as a result, successful.

Elena Korneeva is a photographer who prefers aesthetics in everything: on the set, in life, in food, in leisure. She does charity work, arranges creative meetings where she shares the secrets of her craft, helps to reveal the wonderful qualities in a person's soul.

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Master classes

Photo art is akin to playing the piano, but instead of keys, the photographer catches the only moment for which his work is started. Diligence and training are necessary, this is the key to the professionalism that Elena Korneeva possesses. The reviews of the audience enthusiastic about her publications prove this, and those who were lucky enough to get to her photo shoot remain satisfied for a long time.

Elena is happy to share her skills to enable beginners to find themselves in the art of photography. To do this, she arranges master classes where she talks about the intricacies of the photographer's work, shares her experience and gives advice, and helps to analyze the work of other authors.

One of these master classes was held on November 14, 2015, the places for it were filled a week before the event. Participants speak warmly and enthusiastically about a photographer like Elena Korneeva.

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Children and family photos

The main type of photography that Elena does is family shots and portraits of children.She believes that every child is unique and her photographs highlight that uniqueness.

A wonderful example of photographic art is photographs of expectant mothers, in which the master reveals, perhaps, the most beautiful phenomenon on Earth - the love of a mother and baby, their infinitely strong bonds.

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The images of children and mothers look especially bright against the background of nature changing with the seasons. Elena Korneeva offers a whole series of projects dedicated to the seasons and children. On them, she expresses the uniqueness of not only the child himself, but also his mood at one time or another.

There is no place for sadness and boredom in Elena's photographs, all pictures are endowed with meaning, imbued with childlike simplicity, sincerity and playfulness. In addition, the author creates and uses costumes that emphasize the images of children.

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