Easter bunny with your own hands. Easter Bunny: pattern
Easter bunny with your own hands. Easter Bunny: pattern

The Easter Bunny is a relatively new holiday symbol for our country. However, very cute cute little animals have already managed to win the love of many. Try and make beautiful souvenirs with your own hands.

easter bunny

Methods of creation and interesting ideas

Easter Bunny can be made like this:

  • Stitched.
  • Crochet.
  • Baked.
  • Made from any plastic mass (s alt dough, polymer clay, etc.).
  • Made of paper using simple or modular origami technique.
  • Made as an applique.
  • Made using quilling technique.
  • Beaded gossip.

In fact, there are many more options. The most accessible, understandable and popular are the first and second.

crochet easter bunnies


Easter bunnies are very cute, crocheted. Ideas can be used in different ways. Choose from these options:

  • Small openwork stylized souvenir.
  • Egg stand.
  • Simplified form with a convenient basket for several eggs.
  • Big bunny with pockets for each egg.
  • Figurecute animal, consisting of two halves (upper and lower), which allows you to hide the egg inside.
  • Detailed souvenir toy in any size.

As you can see, crochet Easter bunnies fit in completely different ways. Choose the way you like and create cute creatures with your own hands.

easter bunny do it yourself

What you need for sewing

Of course, knitwear is very beautiful, but it takes a lot of time to create them. If you are not very crochet friendly or just need to make gifts quickly, sew souvenirs from scraps available at home. Such an Easter bunny will turn out no less beautiful. For work, prepare the following:

  • Fabric in different shades.
  • Paper for patterns.
  • Pencil and eraser.
  • Scissors.
  • Pins.
  • Threads with a needle.
  • Sewing machine.
  • Filler.
  • Decor (mulina for embroidery, eyes, spout, antennae, bows, satin ribbons, beads, flowers).

In fact, you do not need any complex materials or time-consuming work steps. Using a simple pattern, it is easy to get many pieces in a short time.

Sew a souvenir

A do-it-yourself Easter bunny made of fabric can be made in the following options:

  • Flat or voluminous.
  • Simplified or detailed.
  • In the shape of an egg with ears or as a gift wrap that fits over the egg.
  • In the form of a full-fledged soft toy.

With the simplest ideaseven a girl can handle it, so the process of creating gifts can be turned into family creativity. A very light and beautiful do-it-yourself Easter bunny is made of fleece or felt. These materials do not require edge processing, and the product is easy to sew even on the right side. It is enough to glue small details of the decor, for example, a muzzle on the base.

For sewing, any fabric is used: both plain and colorful. The forms of souvenirs are also varied: from simplified stylized ones in the form of a triangle, oval to realistic, fully detailed.

Easter Bunny: pattern

To sew any product, even the simplest, you will definitely need a paper pattern of details. There are two ways to act:

  1. Print the finished contour image on the printer in a suitable scale.
  2. Draw the details yourself on a piece of paper.
easter bunny pattern

The second method is suitable for those who know how to work with a pencil and like to develop new ideas. In the first case, you just need to select a picture and have a printer at hand. You won’t get an exclusive thing if you take a ready-made sample, but it will significantly save time: print it out, cut it out. You can create an unusual image due to the details of the decoration (tie a bow, sew a hat, clothes, etc.)

Examples of Patterns

According to the patterns below, you will get a very simple and at the same time beautiful Easter bunny. The pattern on all samples, except for the last one, consists of one element. It is enough to print it onprinter and can be used. Two identical pieces are cut out of the fabric. The patch is easy to fold with the right sides inward, pin the paper blank with pins, trace around, not forgetting the seam allowances, and cut out.

Easter souvenir is made in the form of a figurine of a bunny or only its head. The form can be both realistic and simplified, as in the next template. You will need to sew two pieces around the perimeter when they are folded right sides in and turn out. In this case, it is better to leave a hole for eversion between the ears. So it will be more convenient to fill the souvenir with holofiber or padding polyester.

master class easter bunny

The next two patterns are bunny figures in profile. The first option is simplified. If you cut out the details from the fleece, you can sew them, in general, on the front side, glue the circles of the eye, nose, and also the pink centers of the ears.

easter bunny pattern

The following blank has a realistic outline shape. If you sew on it from a regular fabric from the wrong side, leaving a hole for eversion, you can leave an unstitched part near the ears, and also next to the paws. So it will be more convenient to fill the form with stuffing material. Before turning, do not forget to make cuts on the seam allowances in places of complex rounding of the shape. This is necessary so that the fabric does not pull and unnecessary folds form in the form.

easter bunny pattern

Easter bunnies-eggs look original. The shape of the base can be sewn asa separate workpiece or immediately together with the rest of the parts. Use the option from the following illustration or modify it. You will need two of these parts. The contour is stitched completely to the place marked with an arrow. Through this hole, the hare is filled, with the ears and upper legs in the first place, after which a line is already sewn along the front side in the places shown by the dotted line. Try to fill the hare's body denser so that it looks like an egg shape. You can fill in the legs at the same time as the torso or also complete the line, as is the case with the upper paws.

easter bunny eggs

A variant of a pattern for sewing another volumetric figure from several elements is presented in the next section, since the sequence of work is described on its example.

Master class "Easter Bunny"

A souvenir in the form of an egg with a head, ears and paws is also made according to this pattern. The execution sequence will be as follows:

1. Cut out all the details from the appropriate fabric. If you use thick felt, it is enough to make all the elements except the body in a single copy, although if you also make it single, you will get a flat bunny that can be used as an appliqué or to create a magnet. To get a three-dimensional shape, paws, ears, make from two identical parts.

easter bunny pattern

2. Fold all the paired elements right sides inward and sew along the perimeter, stepping back from the edge the distance that youprovided for a seam allowance. Don't forget to leave an unstitched turning hole. It is better to make them at the junctions with the base, and on the torso itself - at the bottom.

3. Make neat cuts on the allowances. Be careful not to damage the stitching.

4. Turn parts inside out and fill with prepared material.

5. Sew up the holes and connect all the details using a needle and thread.

6. Cover the details of the muzzle, ears and paws with a layer of PVA glue.

7. Paint the face, ears and feet with acrylic paints.

Your souvenir is ready. You can, of course, sew or again draw clothes for him. By the way, the muzzle and other decorative details do not have to be painted. Embroider, glue or stitch them. Get creative.

As you can see, the Easter Bunny is quite easy to make. All options from the easiest to the most complex look cute and beautiful.

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