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What is fuk in checkers? Game rules for beginners
What is fuk in checkers? Game rules for beginners

Probably, there is no such person who would never play checkers and did not know their rules. Most people get to know them in their childhood and, as a rule, after playing one game, they remember simple rules forever. And even more so, everyone knows what fuk is in checkers, and how it is used within the framework of the game.

Well, for those who are not familiar with this term, we will tell you more about this, as well as about the simple rules of the well-known fun.

About checkers

You should start your acquaintance with this game by listing the items included in it. There are few of them:

  • checkered board;
  • 12 white pieces;
  • a dozen blacks.
who walks after fuk in checkers

Here are some simple checkers rules for beginners:

  1. The game involves two people, each using pieces of the same color (black or white).
  2. Light ones are placed on dark cells, black ones are exactly the same 4 in a line through one. A total of three rows on each side of the board.
  3. Who will be the first to go is determined by drawing lots (in childhood, they usually play "rock, paper, scissors" in the standard fun).
  4. The player who started to move continues the game until he takes the opponent's checkers. If the action is not successful, then it is the opponent's turn.
  5. Simple pieces move one square, kings (upside down) - the entire length of the board along dark squares.
  6. The checkers that could reach the extreme line of the board from the opponent's side become queens.
  7. The opponent is obliged to beat the other player's pieces that are close to him (only those that are oblique, not opposite).
  8. The fuk rule in checkers means that the opponent takes the piece that they were supposed to beat (step over the chips of another player), but this was not done. This is done simply: it turns over, and you can blow on it from the back. This is optional, but accepted.
  9. The game continues until one of the participants runs out of all the pieces.

These are the standard rules, there are also other options, when the opponents deliberately substitute the checkers under the attack of another player. These are the so-called "giveaways".

fuk in checkers board game

Important points

So, we figured out the rules, now it's worth talking about several important features of the game that beginners sometimes don't know about.

Since the main goal is to take all the opponent's checkers, a more experienced participant can build a whole strategy to achieve the goal. Often, methods such as deliberately exposing one's pieces to attack are used for this. And then the enemy is in front ofchoice: either he hits, or the fuk rule in checkers will be applied to him.

But don't immediately think that if you have to attack according to the rules of the game, then you should definitely do it. It is often more profitable to give up one of the twelve checkers for a fuk than, having beaten an opponent's piece, to lose more of your sweat. Here you need to carefully evaluate the alignment of forces and make the right decision.

fuk rule in checkers

Small clarification

Sometimes beginners have a standard question: who moves after the fuk in checkers? The answer is simple, the action goes to the player who took the piece. This is equivalent to attacking in a normal move.

About ladies. They can beat several checkers located along the line of its movement. In general, it is extremely difficult to play against kings without having your own.

It is also worth noting that when playing a game, many experienced players use proven schemes of moves. That is why one fight between skillful players can drag on for long hours, and sometimes ends after several attacks (experienced chess players can see in advance who will lose and who will win). In such games, fuk in checkers is often not used, since there is no need for it.

fuk in checkers

A trip to history

Many gambling has deep roots, and this sport is no exception. Checkers can even be called almost the most ancient fun that has historical confirmation.

It is believed that the game first appeared in ancient Egypt, it happened one and a half thousand years before the beginning of our era.Of course, it was not an exact copy of the modern one, but the main features were similar (checkered board and flat plates). It is not known exactly what the rules were.

There is another interesting theory about the origin of this game. If you believe her, then the fun was invented by a certain warrior Palamedes, a participant in the siege of Troy. As is known from the legends, the siege of this ancient city lasted ten years, and the Greek invented it in order to pass the time.

Now you know exactly the rules of the game, and in what cases fuk is used in checkers, as well as a brief history of their occurrence.

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