Mario Sorrenti: legendary photographer
Mario Sorrenti: legendary photographer

American photographer Mario Sorrenti is world famous for his extraordinary style and vision of the naked female body. The photographs of this artist are distinguished by simplicity and innocence, which cannot but fascinate. Mario's life is filled with various spontaneous decisions and trials, which can be found in his biography.

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Early years

Mario Sorrenti was born on October 24, 1971. The guy was brought up in a creative family: his father was an artist, and his mother worked as an advertising agent in New York. Mario is not an only child. In addition to him, two more future photographers grew up: brother David and sister Vanina.

Ten-year-old Mario Sorrenti and his family decided to move to New York, where they currently live. Thanks to the American flavor and eternal travel, the boy found inspiration in flowers. A wide palette to this day nourishes the imagination of the Italian.

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First found himself in the photo of his older brotherDavid. At the age of seventeen, he initiated a new direction in photographic art - "heroin chic". The guy created amazing portraits of thin and emaciated models. Due to his addiction to drugs, David died at the age of twenty, and later Mario Morrenti wrote a book about him.

Career start

Mario began to get involved in photography at the same time as his brother, but until the tragic event he did not leave his shadow. One shoot was a "goldfish" for the photographer.

This was an advertising campaign for the Obsession perfume from the famous brand Calvin Klein. Mario Sorrenti and Kate Moss (a young, yet unknown seventeen-year-old model) made the photography truly legendary. The beauty and the photographer worked alone in natural conditions, so each shot accurately conveys all the feelings and sensations. After his work, they exhibited in such world fashion capitals as London, Paris, Monaco, New York.

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General recognition

In 2004, the first exhibition of photographs by Mario Sorrenti was held at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. The atmosphere was imbued with creative clutter and featured the hallmarks of a New York loft. Magazine clippings and polaroids showed the beauty of naked girls, the graceful curves and tenderness of disheveled hair.

A year later, the photographer was invited to do a portrait photo shoot with the inimitable Winona Ryder for Another Magazine. In 2008, the pages of the November Paris issue of Vogue reflected the results of the Thirty vs. Seventeen photoshoot.Sorrenti and two models - Anna Selezneva and Eva Herzigova. In 2012, a man was asked to design a Pirelli calendar.

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Since then, Mario has been fruitfully collaborating with global brands Max Mara, Bulgari, Calvin Klein, Kenzo, Emporio Armani, Mango, Chloe. His photographs flaunt on the pages and covers of fashion glossy magazines GQ, Vogue, W Magazine and Playboy.

Mario Sorrenti is not just a photographer, he is a real artist and creator. The models who worked with him have repeatedly noted the amazing atmosphere that reigned on the set. Even the smallest details will not leave his lens, the unique vision of the creator helps to reveal human beauty from completely different sides. That is why you need to look through all his works, get maximum pleasure and be inspired.

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