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Children's photographer Karina Kiel
Children's photographer Karina Kiel

Billions of photos are taken around the world every day. Since 2000, when the first phone with a built-in camera was introduced, people have taken pictures more often. A huge number of people have a desire to become photographers. However, this profession is not as easy as it might seem. There are few true professionals. Individual style and originality of photographs are especially appreciated. The article is dedicated to Karina Kiel - a talented and wonderful person, a professional in her field.

Biography of photographer Karina Kiel

Karina Kiel

Karina Kiel is a family and children's photographer. She lives in Russia, in Sochi. She is the mother of two sons. Children are what inspires her creativity. Karina loves to create fabulous shots and immerse herself in a creative atmosphere. Sometimes it seems that she has a boundless imagination, and this can be easily seen in any of her works.

What inspired photographer Karina Kiel to become a professional photographer?

She came to photography through her sons. Every mother wants their children to have good and high-quality pictures. So Karina had a desire to capture indescribable childhood emotions,to remember the moments of growing up children. This is how it all started.

Master classes

In order to become a professional in this field, you need to constantly learn something new and update your knowledge. That is why master classes of masters remain very popular today. Karina successfully conducts large-scale training sessions on staged children's photography, as well as online courses on image processing. Moreover, she often broadcasts on her social networks, where she answers questions and tells how to improve her skills. She also hosted online photo editing sessions for her students.

Photographer Karina Kiel very often travels the world and conducts master classes and shoots in different parts of the world.

photo taken in Dubai

As long as you are interesting to yourself, as long as you are internally filled, as long as you have something to share with people, you will be interesting.

Karina advises never to stop there, move on and develop skills. If you work on yourself every day, then everything will work out.

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