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Sweet design, what is it? Examples of New Year's compositions
Sweet design, what is it? Examples of New Year's compositions

You may have heard the phrase "sweet design" before, but you still don't know what it is. In fact, this beautiful expression is called the recently popular compositions of various sweets, sweets and corrugated paper. Other materials can be used as an additional decoration, for example, floral tape, artificial moss, beads.

suite design master class

Very often products created using the technique of sweet design are gifts. They are used as a festive table decoration, replacing bouquets of fresh flowers. What is suite design? You can call it the art of arranging bouquets, only using confectionery instead of living plants. From candy, you can create not only flowers, but also various fruits, nuts, animals.

How to choose materials for a suite design

It's not that hard to make a DIY gift for any theme using sweet treats and a little imagination. But first you need an idea. The mostThe hot topic right now is the celebration of the New Year. New Year's suite design of sweets, Christmas tree decorations and tinsel is an option for those who want to try creating decorations with no experience in needlework or with a child. For the manufacture of the composition, you can use not only sweets and corrugated paper. Natural materials associated with winter and holiday themes will also look great. You can take any sweets to create crafts. But most often, needlewomen prefer round-shaped sweets or ordinary lollipops.

Candy Arrangements: Ideas and Materials

Try to imagine New Year's suite design. What could it be? A Christmas wreath, a decorative Christmas tree, or some unusual arrangement of various decorations? If you stop at a wreath, think about what elements it will consist of. As a basis, you will need branches or a finished blank, which can be purchased at a needlework store. For additional decoration, you can take real pine and spruce cones, dried orange and tangerine slices, spices of an unusual shape, such as cinnamon and star anise.

new year suite design

How to make a candy tree

Christmas tree can be decorated using only one round candy. As a base, thick cardboard is suitable, which must be rolled into a cone and secured with tape or with a hot glue gun. The main thing is to be careful during work so as not to burn yourself on hot elements.

If you arrange the sweets in a wrapper of golden andsilver foil in a spiral, very tight to each other, it is easy to get an unusual and beautiful decorative Christmas tree. Optionally, you can use Christmas toys made of foam or plastic. The easiest way to attach sweets is with glue or tape. After the holiday, and maybe during the time, candies can be separated from the base, unwrapped and eaten.


Sweet design: a master class on creating nuts

When creating jewelry and compositions, you can only get by with sweets. But usually for sweet designs and bouquets of sweets, corrugated paper is used as the main means of creating petals and leaves for flowers. It is convenient to use because of the unusual folded texture. By stretching and straightening these folds, you can change the shape of the paper and create various curves that mimic the structure and shape of natural plants. It can also be used to make hazelnuts. They will also need round sweets.

For the top of the nuts you need:

  1. Cut strips of paper 1.5-2 cm wide and 5 cm long. It all depends on the diameter of the sweets themselves, so it’s better to focus on them.
  2. Fold each of them several times and cut on one side so that you get a triangle.
  3. Each strip is slightly stretched to the sides in those places where the bases of the triangles are.
  4. Apply with a hot glue gun apply some glue to the edge of the ribbon and the candy. Wrap the ribbon around the candy, stretching it a bit.
  5. Bending paper, form leaflets. Add glue if neededrequired.

You can also create spruce branches from corrugated paper, if you cut them on one side with a small fence, and then twist them around a stick or a long skewer. You can find out more about what it is - suite design, by looking at examples of the work of various masters. It is often impossible to guess that intricate compositions are created from plain paper with folds and lollipops hidden under it.

suite designts

Sweet design snowdrop basket

Sweet design, what is it, no matter how pure creativity? Using this technique, you can create a variety of compositions on any topic. Ordinary candy flowers are also suitable for New Year's decor, if you arrange them in an unusual way, for example, by placing them in a fabulous sleigh or surrounding them with snow-covered cones. You can use fabulous motifs and embody the plot of "12 months" by making a basket of snowdrops from sweets. For each color, you only need 3 round petals, a round lollipop and a stick for fastening. It can be decorated with green corrugated paper. For additional decoration of such a basket, ribbons, beads and artificial spruce branches are suitable.

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