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We sew a New Year's costume for a boy with our own hands: patterns with a description, ideas
We sew a New Year's costume for a boy with our own hands: patterns with a description, ideas

What an inexpressible pleasure it is to prepare a New Year's costume for a boy! First, together with him, choose a character in which to dress up, then think through all the details … A little imagination, work, desire - and now the New Year's costume for the boy is ready!

Groups of carnival outfits

New Year's costume for a boy

All masquerade costumes can be divided into several groups:

  • people;
  • flora representative;
  • representative of the fauna;
  • fantastic creatures;
  • inanimate objects.

Carnival outfit from the category of "people"

The easiest New Year's costume for a boy to make is an outfit from the "people" section. Such can be the attire of a prince, knight, musketeer, pirate, robber, elf, gnome, Dunno, Pinocchio, Karabas-Barabas, superman, astrologer, sorcerer.

To create it, sometimes you don’t need to sew, glue or paint anything. It is enough to look for suitable clothes among old things in the pantry, add the necessary accessories, makematching makeup. In some cases, you need to take care of the manufacture of a beard, cap, hat, crown, weapons, glasses, eye patch, bells for boots and other costume details.

beautiful christmas costumes for boys

For example, to make a New Year's costume for a boy who decides to be a king at a masquerade, you will need elegant pants and a blouse, a crown and a mantle. Actually, you will additionally need to make a crown. It is easy to cut and glue from paper, decorating with Christmas decorations, foil, glass buttons and beads or rhinestones.

The cape is also quite easy to make. A rectangular piece of fabric is gathered on top of the drawstring and tied under the chin. Sometimes a high stand-up collar is required.

Cardboard knight costume

You can make a carnival outfit from almost everything that is at hand. For example, by disassembling cardboard boxes, it is easy to make knightly armor out of them by securing the parts with adhesive tape. The sword and shield can also be made from cardboard. But it may well turn out that there is a baby in the family who has a toy weapon.

beautiful New Year's costume for a boy with his own hands

To make the costume look more believable, it is recommended to cover it with silver paper on top and decorate it accordingly (for example, apply heraldic patterns, paint a shield, etc.)

Carnival outfit from the category of "representatives of the flora"

Taking vegetables, fruits or berries as a prototype, you can make very beautiful New Year's costumes forboys. It can be Tomato, Cucumber, Radish, Pea, Banana, Pineapple, Strawberry, Peach, Mushroom and others.

patterns of New Year's costumes for a boy

Even the most inexperienced dressmaker will be able to sew a New Year's costume for a boy that will depict Peach or Strawberry. To create volume, the outfit itself is made in the shape of a ball. Drawing patterns of New Year's costumes for a boy from the category "vegetables, fruits, berries" is very simple. This is a rectangle, one side of which is equal to the circumference at waist level, and the other is the height.

After cutting out the desired figure in size, the fabric is sewn together, folded face inward so that a "pipe" is obtained. On the top and bottom of this part, you can make several darts. Then both edges are hemmed, making drawstrings into which the laces are inserted.

In order for the roundness not to lose its shape, you can put a synthetic winterizer, foam rubber or inflated balloons inside. Some craftsmen prefer to pre-quilt the fabric from which the suit is sewn with synthetic winterizer or overcoat fabric. Then it is not necessary to put the filler inside.

Additionally, you will need to make hats or hoods for some outfits. Other costumes can be decorated with green collars that will imitate the sepals of berries.

Open carnival outfit from the category of "representative of the fauna"

To make the outfit for the carnival of high quality and comfortable to wear, you can sew a New Year's costume for a boy in the form of a jumpsuit. This option is suitable for any mammal, be it a Deer, Elephant, Bear,Tiger, Rooster, Dinosaur or even a flying Dragon. The overalls differ only in color and the presence of some details: bone protrusions in dinosaurs and dragons, horns, wings, a trunk and a crest.

do-it-yourself New Year's costume for a boy pattern

To make a New Year's costume for a boy with your own hands, patterns of overalls details are a must. They should be transferred to paper, cut with scissors and laid out on fabric. The product will require four such parts. Moreover, two of them should be cut out, attaching the template with one side to the fabric, and the other two are cut out asymmetrically, since the fabric is first folded in half facing inwards.

It should also be noted that there will be a zipper on the back, so two asymmetrical parts must be cut out with this in mind and a special allowance should be provided. The front halves are cut along the line, which is signed on the drawing as "the middle of the front".

Sewing a jumpsuit for an animal costume

Parts are first sewn in pairs face to face so that two halves of the product with one sleeve and one leg are obtained. Then the front seam is made, the edges of the sleeves and legs are hemmed, making drawstrings for gatherings in them, and the neck is treated with an inlay. Lastly, a "zipper" is sewn into the overalls.

sew a New Year's costume for a boy

In order to make a truly beautiful New Year's costume for a boy with your own hands, you need to sew or glue an animal mask. Can go the wayleast resistance and get by with a banal half mask. There is an option to make a volumetric papier-mâché mask. Some craftswomen choose to sew a hat or hood with ears sewn on the top of the head with fabric horns stuffed with filler and an overlay in the muzzle area, in which a synthetic winterizer or foam rubber is also placed. Eyes and a nose pip are made from large beads or buttons.

Carnival outfit from the category of "fairytale creatures"

These are, for example, New Year's snowman costumes for boys. There are several options for creating this outfit.

christmas snowman costumes for boys

The easiest way is to pick up white panties and build the upper part of the outfit from the white coat of the paramedic, cutting off the lower half. The lower edge of the blouson obtained after shortening is hemmed so that a lace can be inserted inside the hem. Large black buttons, a bright striped hat and a scarf complete the snowman look.

Stitched snowman outfit

Those who know how to sew live well. Indeed, with the help of scissors and a needle, needlework masters easily create professional New Year's snowman costumes for boys from white fabric.

For example, according to the algorithm for making spherical outfits for fruits and berries, you can make two or three parts of different sizes. The ball with the largest diameter is placed down. A second, slightly smaller size is sewn to its upper part. The smallest one should be on top. A bucket glued from cardboard is put on the head of the child, a scarf is tied around the neck.

beautiful New Year's costume for a boy with his own hands

In the form of overalls, you can also sew a New Year's costume (for a boy) with your own hands. Patterns for him are the same ones that are offered as patterns when sewing animal costumes. The manufacturing algorithm is also no different from the one described above.

Carnival costume from the "inanimate objects" series

Wishing to be the most creative and unique at the holiday, experts advise dressing up as a Samovar, Kettle, Fire, Book or other inanimate object related to inanimate nature.

It's easy to make a Book costume. You just need to make a giant cardboard cover, colorfully decorate it with the name of the printed edition, the name of the author, and place some pictures. This cover is attached to the front.

The Kettle's costume should be sewn according to the principle of the fruit outfit. You should get a ball of bright red fabric, such as polka dots. A beret of the same color with a large eyelet can flaunt on the character's head. On one side, you can sew a handle made of white fabric, and on the other, a teapot spout. Both the handle and the spout are best stuffed tightly with filler.

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