Three ways to make a paper rosebud
Three ways to make a paper rosebud

The most beautiful flower is, of course, the rose. She is loved by many women. Its paper copy also looks very attractive. Everyone can create a paper rosebud on their own, because there are different ways to do it. Let's talk about the three most interesting of them.


The ancient myth of the rose

Flowers cannot but please the eye. They decorate the interior of the room, making it natural and alive. But, for example, real roses wither quickly, lose their attractiveness. Flowers made of corrugated paper are now popular, from which you can make a beautiful bouquet.

There is a legend associated with the rose. A goddess named Aphrodite bathed in the sea, when she emerged from the water, foam flowed from her body, turning into beautiful snow-white flowers.

They acquired a red color when Aphrodite ran through a thorny thicket to help her beloved, and blood flowed from the wounds received from the thorns. Of course, this is just a legend. Now everyone can make a rosebud of any color from plain or corrugated paper.

Simplified version

how to make a rose

So, how to make a paper rose? Forto start we need the following materials:

  1. One sheet of thick colored paper in the desired color.
  2. Any pencil.
  3. Scissors.
  4. PVA.

Detailed instructions

  1. From a sheet of paper we make a square and draw a spiral on it. Perfect lines are difficult to achieve, so don't try too hard. Freehand drawing is a creative version of the flower. Cut out a strip along the indicated line.
  2. From the center of the spiral we turn the strip. In order for the rosebud to be fixed, glue must be added to the base.
  3. The paper flower is ready. You can add green leaves or collect a bouquet of several roses.

Medium difficulty

Making a crepe paper rosebud is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance.

rosebud photo

The following materials need to be prepared:

  1. Corrugated paper.
  2. Scissors.
  3. Wire or twig for stem.
  4. Adhesive tape.

Instructions for execution

  1. From corrugated paper you need to cut out 15 heart-shaped parts and 5 teardrop-shaped ones.
  2. Each detail or petal is stretched from the middle to the edge to give natural curves.
  3. Using a pencil, we bend the edges of the petals. To get a rosebud, it is desirable to bend the edges more strongly.
  4. Stem can be wrapped with duct tape for a natural look.
  5. Assembly is done in layers with drop-shaped details. All elements are attached to each other with adhesive tape,and the first is put on the wire.

The bud can be of any size. Photos with rosebuds made of corrugated paper are original and interesting.

The variant is more difficult - with a surprise

If an ordinary paper rose is too simple for you, then try making a bud with a surprise inside. Prepare the following materials:

  • heavier corrugated paper;
  • scissors;
  • glue gun;
  • wooden sticks or skewers;
  • candy "Ferrero" or "Raffaello".

You can use different colors of crepe paper to make original flower buds. From paper, it is necessary to cut out two rectangular parts 7 cm wide and 10 cm high. Two strips are obtained, which must be folded so that the corrugated strips become horizontal. The edges need to be rounded off. Swap petals and fold. They need to be stretched.

Pull the first petal up. We stretch two folded ones with our fingers and make a small hole for the candy. We put a candy inside our bud. Distribute glue along the bottom edge of the petal. Wrap the candy and insert the stick or skewer.

Glue does not hold candy, but paper, so getting a treat is not difficult. The rosebud holds its shape due to the thickness of the paper.

corrugated paper rosebud

Now it's time to make the sepals for our flower. Cut off a rectangle 4 cm wide and 10 cm long from green corrugated paper. We make two sepals. From the edges you needmake flagella, and stretch the bottom edge. Distribute glue along the lower edge in a circle and attach the sepal to the base of the bud. We wrap the skewer or stem with green paper from the bottom up.

In fact, creating a bud is not as easy as making a rose. But it is within the power of everyone, if you understand the technique. Paper flowers will get better and better every time.

Perfect decor item

Paper rose fits well into the interior of the room, is a decor item that you can do yourself. Roses made of paper make the room interesting and original. A bouquet of rose buds, and even with sweets inside, will be an unusual gift for a loved one.

Paper analogues of fresh flowers fit perfectly into the interior of any room. Most often, compositions are placed in vases of various shapes. Paper analogues are made very tiny or gigantic, it all depends on desire and imagination.

In a private or country house, a rosebud can be useful for decorating a flight of stairs or railings. The festive table, which is served with paper roses, also looks original.

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