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How to make origami mushroom - diagrams, step by step instructions and videos
How to make origami mushroom - diagrams, step by step instructions and videos

The origami mushroom is an easy paper craft for kids. Which can be offered for manufacturing to older preschoolers. There are several options for assembly schemes. For folding, prepare colored paper that matches the colors of the mushroom caps. You can take a brown, red, pink or orange leaf. The back side should be white to get a contrasting leg of the craft.

In the article, we will consider how to fold the origami of a mushroom out of paper step by step, how to read the diagrams correctly. The folds of a square sheet of paper must be made clearly and carefully ironed with your fingers or improvised means, such as scissor rings or the side of a pencil. Also in the article we will present a video of fly agaric crafts, which shows how, after making the mushroom itself, it can be decorated.

How to use the chart

In kindergartens, in a manual labor lesson in an older group, origami mushrooms can be carried out according to the scheme. This is a table with several pictures,designated by serial numbers. Each of them shows how to fold a square sheet of paper correctly. Before the lesson, the children must be sure to explain the symbols of the scheme. So, the arrows show the direction of the paper fold, and the dotted lines show their location.

mushroom origami diagram

Mugs placed separately enlarge the small image to make the required action clearer. Before the lesson, the teacher must definitely do the work on the origami of the mushroom on his own, in order to then show a sample of the work to the children. When learning the origami technique with children for the first time, it is best to show the actions slowly and step by step so that the children have time to repeat the folds after the teacher.

Step by step instructions

Let's take a closer look at how to make a fungus using the origami technique from colored paper:

  1. Fold the square in half horizontally and vertically.
  2. Fold the top quarter to the back side.
  3. Repeat the folds of 1/4 sheet of paper on the left and right.
  4. Fold a thin strip of paper up along the dotted line.
  5. Bend the upper corners of the white part of the workpiece at right angles.
  6. Visually from the fold line, lower the line to the base and fold the paper straight down.
  7. Insert your finger into the formed pockets and spread the workpiece in opposite directions.
children's craft

The remaining numbers in the diagram show the formation of an origami mushroom shape by bending the corners of the cap and stem.

When done a few different thingsthe size of crafts, you can decorate the blank with grass, paint a hat, or let the children complete the picture on their own as they wish.


As mentioned earlier in the article, origami mushrooms can be of several types. Consider another interesting way to alternately fold colored paper, the result of which is visible in the photo below.

fly agaric from paper

To make it easier for the reader to cope with the task, we provide a video with step-by-step instructions for assembling origami.

After making crafts, fly agaric is decorated with white circles. To make them the same, fold a strip of paper several times and circle the template with a simple pencil. Then cut out with scissors many elements at once. Glue them on with glue stick. From below it is interesting to glue the grass. To do this, a strip of paper on one side must be cut with noodles.

Try DIY origami! It's incredibly fun and helpful! Creative success!

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