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Origami dog is a great way to pass the time
Origami dog is a great way to pass the time

Origami is gaining popularity every day, and this is not surprising. This wonderful technique not only skillfully conveys the bizarre forms of animals and plants, but also develops fine motor skills in children's hands.

Today this master class is designed specifically for them, so the main character of the article will be an origami dog that can be made in a few minutes.

Material selection

First of all, decide what kind of paper you will be using. You can take both colored, well-known, and use very popular craft paper. Both options are perfect for our idea.

Variety of colors
Variety of colors

You should also think about the similarity with the original. If you want your origami dog to look "alive", use less vibrant colors. Well, if this topic does not concern you at all, just choose your favorite color and get to work!

First step: creating the figurine

  • Take a paper square and lay it face down. Pre-form the center folds by folding the workpiece in half.
  • Then, arranging the square like a diamond, foldopposite corners so that they touch exactly in the center.
  • Flip one of the corners slightly back outward while hiding the other inward.
  • Fold the workpiece in half, and then bend one of the sidewalls up. It should be formed in the form of a corner sticking up. The same should be done on the reverse side, turning the whole product over in advance. Thus, the head for the dog is formed, and with it the torso.
  • Slightly push your head forward, then carefully iron all the folds. This action will give origami accuracy and completeness.

Second stage: final details

After the origami dog was made out of paper, you need to add some details to it that will make it more like the original.

First, it's an eye and a nose. They can be drawn with a dark marker or gel pen. As a last resort, you can cut them out of paper and stick them with glue.

A simple version of origami
A simple version of origami

Secondly, these are additional decorations in the form of a collar made from a small piece of colored paper. Optionally, you can also add a small address book for greater similarity.

You can also create clothes for the dog (for example, a paper blanket that will be easy to dress), as well as "personal use" items (such as bowls, beds, bedding and toys from various types of cardboard and paper).

Thus, you can create a real zoo that you can play together and have fun with the whole family!

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