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Knitted lapel hat: a great way to express your love
Knitted lapel hat: a great way to express your love

Every craftswoman knows that knitting is one of the most important and interesting types of needlework. Thanks to such an exciting creative process, very beautiful things are obtained, unlike the rest - those that can be seen in large quantities on store shelves and markets. Knitted hats are very necessary and even necessary in a winter wardrobe. Let's figure out how a good hat with a lapel should be connected. It is easy to do such work with knitting needles. It is important that the product is not only cute, but also comfortable.

knitted lapel hat

Which is better to knit: straight or in a circle?

Regular knitted hats are fabric with a back seam. True, some models are knitted in circular rows. Then the knitter should be very careful in her work and follow a few simple rules:

  • on the top of the headgear, the loops should be reduced evenly (this rule is relevant for any product);
  • where the rows join must be done carefully. If this is notprovided by the pattern, the number of knitted loops should not be arbitrarily increased or decreased;
  • if knitting is done in a spiral, then experienced craftswomen do not advise using stripes of different colors, because it will be difficult to match the beginning and end of such rows, and they will turn out to be open.

When knitting a hat with a lapel, knitting needles make straight and return rows. So much more convenient.


How to knit the most ordinary hat with a lapel with knitting needles? In this case, the scheme is not needed - everything is so simple in execution. Use 2x2 rubber band. A number of loops should be placed on the knitting needles, a multiple of four, and plus one more loop - auxiliary.

First, cast on ninety-seven stitches and knit a 2x2 rib.

The resulting canvas should be closed in one ring either from the very initial row, or by knitting the first two rows.

When the fabric is closed in a circle, you can continue knitting with an elastic band. What lapel, such will be the length of the cap.

For example, if there is a single lapel on the headdress, then its depth can vary between 25-27 cm. If the lapel is supposed to be double, then the depth will increase slightly and will be approximately 37-38 cm.

Seamless way. Decrease in work

Next, a knitted hat with a lapel is done like this. After the desired dimensions of the depth of the product are reached, you should begin to gradually make reductions. To reduce the number of loops, you need to knit them two together from the wrong side. ATthe next row is required to alternate a pair of front loops with the same number of wrong ones.

In the third row, again reduce the number of loops. Knit all facial ones in two together. Having reached the fourth row through such simple manipulations, it can already be knitted with a regular 1x1 elastic band.

women's knitted lapel hat

The fifth row again requires cutting the loops - twice. To do this, you need to knit them two at a time, so that all the loops of this row become facial.

In the next - the sixth row, it is necessary to knit exclusively in the front way. Pull all remaining loops into a ring. Now the thread can be fastened.

How to make a break line?

If we take the classic version as a basis, then in it (at least the beginning of the cap) an elastic band is knitted - 1x1 or 2x2. After the first five to seven centimeters have been passed from the beginning of work, it is necessary to change the knitting in a checkerboard pattern: where the front loops were, knit the wrong ones, and vice versa. That is how, in a completely simple way, the inflection line of the lapel itself will be outlined, along which the edge will then bend. After that, you need to tie another five to seven centimeters with an elastic band. That is, exactly as much as was knitted to the lapel.

It is easy to knit a women's hat with a lapel with knitting needles; an experienced needlewoman can do it in just a few hours.

knitted hat with lapel

Important information: we must remember that the elastic band stretches very well, so it must be done either according to the size of the head, or a littlealready. After this part is connected, then you should continue to work with the main pattern that was chosen for the women's headdress.

Which pattern should I choose?

Let's consider two simple patterns with which you can knit a very nice product.

You can knit a hat with a lapel with knitting needles with a “Rice” pattern, which is suitable for both thin and bulky yarn. The process itself is very simple: you need to alternate front and back loops. But in the next row, the front loop is knitted on the wrong side, and vice versa.

Another pattern with which a lapel hat can be knitted is Honeycomb.

They are knitted with a thread thrown over. Cast on an even number of stitches. In the first row, one front knit is knitted, then a thread is thrown onto the right knitting needle, and a loop is removed from the left. So you need to repeat until the end of the row.

Second row is done like this: purl one, yarn over to the right needle, knit 2, transfer, knit 2 and so on until the loops end.

hat with lapel knitting pattern

Third row: throw on the thread, remove the loop, knit the front together with the crochet. Do this with all subsequent loops.

Fourth row: knit two, yarn over. Continue to end of row.

Fifth row: a thrown thread and a loop are knitted, a loop with a crochet is removed. So until the end of the row.

Sixth row. Do the same as the second one.

From the seventh row it is necessary to start repeating the rapport: the third-sixth rows.

When choosing a pattern, you should pay attentionattention to its density. For winter hats, it should be very dense. For spring-autumn, it is permissible to choose openwork and mesh.

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