Baby blanket is a great way to express love and care
Baby blanket is a great way to express love and care

Superstitions and omens do not order a woman expecting a baby to knit. But you must admit, these little overalls, panties, dresses and panties on store shelves, sweaters and suits in knitting magazines attract expectant mothers so much that it's simply impossible to resist!

blanket for a newborn

Don't be discouraged. Babies usually sleep for the first few weeks. Most likely, you will have plenty of time to knit something interesting for your crumbs, for example, a baby blanket.

Why not? A baby blanket is a great way to express love for your little one. Surely you have your favorite things preserved from childhood. Admit it, what is it? Teddy bear, sweater, blanket?..

Remember the time when you yourself were little. It's entirely possible that as your little one matures a little, they won't want to hide behind anything other than the blanket their mom knitted for them.

knit a blanket for a newborn

Beautiful, soft, colorful blanket for a newborn will be a great reminder of childhood foralready matured son or daughter. You will definitely keep some of your children's things as a keepsake, right?

A blanket for a newborn can be sewn, crocheted or knitted. In any case, it is better to choose soft yarn, preferably without lint, with an admixture of artificial threads. Made of only natural fibers, the material is too rough for delicate baby skin and can cause irritation.

knit a plaid with knitting needles

Crochet products keep their shape well and are elastic. The hook should also be used to create very thin and openwork things. A knitted blanket will stretch better, be softer to the touch, and denser.

When choosing a pattern for a future product, the first step is to clearly define your level of skill. If you are an experienced craftswoman, making a blanket for a newborn of a complex model will not be a problem for you, you can quite cope with the work in a couple of weeks. In the event that your level as a knitter is low, pick up a simpler pattern to start with. It will be better if the model you choose will consist of separate elements - short-term work creates a feeling of completeness and quick results. In addition, if for some reason you still cannot complete what you started, the product will still have a finished look and can be used as a pillowcase or doll blanket.

In this article we will give some fairly simple examples of how to knit a blanket for a newborn in a short period of time. Consider simple examples.

If you are a beginner anddecided to knit a plaid with knitting needles, take as a basis two classic types of knitting: front and back loops. The first row, as usual, is knitted with knit ones, and then you can fantasize.

For example, alternate rows: knit row, purl row. You get a pattern called satin stitch:


Or knit according to a simple pattern of front and back loops:

facial and purl

For those who already have a little experience, the following model with the addition of a thread of a different color will come in handy:

color added model

There can be as many variations as you like - here your imagination is given a wide scope:


See for yourself: having overcome the first difficulties of knitting, you will quickly master more complex models and techniques. So fast that you will be surprised at your results, especially when the baby falls asleep sweetly under his mother's favorite blanket or flaunts in an author's sweater!

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