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Do-it-yourself knitting markers: a cheap alternative to store-bought
Do-it-yourself knitting markers: a cheap alternative to store-bought

Whether you're new to needlework or a true pro, you'll still need knitting markers. Making them with your own hands is even easier than finding them in a store, so we will choose the first path that does not require extra effort. We will collect all the materials at hand, choose the right ones, and then add bright details to make knitting not only convenient, but also beautiful!

Useful little thing

If you have recently become interested in knitting, then we will explain to you why you need this small keychain, more like an ornament. Now, the circular marker, as it is called among knitters, is usually used to mark certain increases, decreases, or new rows.

With their help, the product turns out to be more accurate, similar to the purchased and factory-made. And if you can make DIY knitting markers, is it worth it to overpay for their plastic version?

First idea: colorful beads

How to make DIY knitting markers so that they are bright andcomfortable at the same time? Of course, use improvised materials. We will use this advice and collect all the necessary components of the house, thereby reducing the amount of accumulated inventory. You will need:

  • A cord with a plug, like those used on key rings, or any other tight rope.
  • Beads in different colors and sizes.
Bead markers
Bead markers

The making process is so simple that these markers can be made in five minutes:

  • Prepare the rope or cord in advance, fixing one of the ends so that the beads do not fly off.
  • From the open end, string jewelry in the form of beads, beads and others.
  • Put the second staple on the back of the marker, you can make it from an iron ring or use hot glue. Here are our knitting markers. Making them with your own hands is as easy as shelling pears.

Second idea: stationery in motion

If you absolutely do not have time to create the first version, then we offer you just a wonderful alternative, the result of which cannot but please the eye. Let's make bright markers from what is on every desktop.

  • Pins or paper clips: best if they are large so as not to impede the knitting process.
  • Spray paint, acrylic paint, nail polish.
Cheap DIY markers
Cheap DIY markers

Now let's bring the idea to life:

  • Line your work surface with waste cloth or paper and spread all your"Office".
  • Spray the top of the paint if you are using a can. Or color the paper clips by hand, holding gently with tweezers. Don't forget the flip side.
  • Leave your markers to dry completely, then feel free to use them when knitting. These vibrant colors look great!

Third idea: funny rings

Another fun way to make DIY knitting markers. To do this, you will have to find all the old key rings, key pendants. Wanted:

  • Metal rings that are no, no, but there are in some pocket. The more you find, the more markers you'll end up with.
  • Again, beads, beads, pendants and various trinkets that are a pity to throw away, but you can hang.
improvised markers
improvised markers

How are we going to use them all? Now we will tell you:

  • Check the metal rings for rust so that they do not stain the yarn afterwards.
  • After this selection is made, we select suitable beads in size and string them on rings. Yes, it may not be so easy to do, since you have to move one spiral away from the rest, but believe me, the result is worth it. Also, be careful not to bend the ring.
  • Once the accessories are in the right place, you can start using the markers right away.

More tips

So we told you how to make DIY knitting markers. Master Classsimple. Even small children can master it, so feel free to involve them in this business.

It's important to remember that knitting markers (it's very easy to make them yourself) are only the first step to the perfect result, because practice also plays a huge role.

Convenient knitting markers
Convenient knitting markers

But we can still advise you a couple of devices to facilitate this process:

  • Automatic row counter. It works by pressing, thereby counting their number. It is indispensable if you are interrupted in the process of knitting or knitting on the road, and the device would greatly simplify life for an ordinary craftswoman.
  • Tips for knitting needles. A very useful detail if you carry knitting with you, as it eliminates the possibility of loops slipping off the needles. Cheap but cheerful.
  • A large pin for knitting patterns when you need to set aside a large number of loops before work or behind it.
  • The holder for the ball, which can be made from an ordinary bucket with a lid and a small hole. This alternative is very convenient and will easily fit into any interior.

Actually, this is only a small fraction of what will help you a lot in knitting, and we helped you as much as we could with homemade markers.

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