Poker Hold'em: game rules
Poker Hold'em: game rules

At the moment, poker is the largest and most popular game in which there are many tournaments with multi-million dollar prizes. In fact, there are a large number of varieties of this game, but holdem poker rightfully holds the palm. The rules of this game are very simple, and the process itself is quite dynamic and interesting, so fans of excitement prefer it.

poker holdem rules

The birth of poker

The origin of this game goes back to the end of the 10th century. Naturally, such games, where there was an element of bluff, constantly existed in the life of a civilized society, but as for Texas Hold'em Poker, the rules of the game are similar to one ancient Chinese game that Emperor Mu-Tsungu was very fond of playing.

In Europe, the first mention of this game occurs 600 years after ancient China, the only difference from the modern game was that all players were de alt 3 cards in their hands. Bidding was held, where any participant could bluff, after which the winner was determined, while there were only 3 combinations: two pair, three of a kind and a flush.Already in the 18th century, the number of cards increased to five, but there was only one round of bidding, after which the players opened the cards and recognized the winner. There were more combinations, and the game began to resemble traditional poker, by the way, and the name comes from the French word poque.

American Poker

Poker came to the US only thanks to the French colonists who were busy settling Louisiana at the time. Based on the reliable records of Joseph Crowell, he traveled a lot and one day in New Orleans he saw a game in which 4 people were involved, a deck of 20 cards, and the winner was determined by establishing the strongest combination. Already in the interval between 1834-1837. A deck of 52 cards was adopted for the game, which later became the standard for playing poker. Thus, along with the addition of new card combinations, several additional rounds of betting were also introduced, thanks to which the game became more dynamic. But still, it wasn't poker hold'em yet. The rules of these games had some differences, despite a large number of common nuances.

texas holdem rules

Thus, by the middle of the 19th century, a huge number of players appeared on the coasts of Mississippi and Missouri, who lived off poker games, and soon, thanks to the gold rush in California, this game quickly acquired colossal proportions not only in the Wild West, but throughout America.

The Civil War between the South and the North also played an important role, since in their free time from hostilities the soldiers played exactly inpoker.

History of types of poker

Of course, such a game of chance as poker was constantly on the verge of being banned, and in some states of America every now and then it fell under the ban and was equated with a criminal offense, for which a prison term threatened. But despite all the danger, poker remained very popular.

Against the backdrop of prohibitions and the globalization of this gambling game, in the 70s America, and later the whole world, meets texas holdem. The rules of poker have several differences from those that were previously, but nevertheless, its popularity is growing every day. Tournaments and championships appear more and more often, the first of which was the World Series of Poker in 1970. It was from that moment that poker ceased to be just gambling for money, but became an official sport that was recognized in the United States of America.

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Texas poker formats

The rules of Texas Hold'em imply 3 different game formats:

  1. No-limit poker, in which the bet is not fixed.
  2. Pot-limit, where you can bet based on the Bank-roll, that is, from the minimum to the maximum set.
  3. Limit type of poker, where stakes are strictly limited by the blind.

Tournaments and various championships are held for all varieties of poker, but the most popular is the no-limit game, as it is the most spectacular and dynamic.

Poker Rules

Before you learn the rules of poker hold'em, you need to saya few words about the location of the players. If the game takes place without a permanent dealer, each of the players becomes one in turn, on the Internet it is marked with the letter D and has the name button, in a real game the dealer also has an identification mark in the form of a chip with the same letter. The person to the left of the dealer is called the "small blind", followed immediately by the "big blind". This is followed by an early position player, the pros call this position the “iron”. After that, three players have middle position, and the person sitting to the right of the dealer is the cutoff. All positions change, moving from one to another clockwise.

The first two players after the dealer (small and big blinds) must make a mandatory bet, which is determined before the game, while everyone is obliged to do this before everyone is de alt two cards. The distribution begins after all bets are placed. All novice players should pay a lot of attention to the order of bets and moves, as in the future this will be fully reflected in the strategy of the game.

Card layouts

Combinations in Texas poker are arranged as follows, starting from the weakest combination (hand):

poker hold'em rules
  1. High Card - When players have no hands, the player with the highest card wins.
  2. Pair - two cards of the same rank.
  3. Two pairs - two pairs of cards of the same rank.
  4. Set - three cards of the same value.
  5. Street - five cards that go consecutivelyone after another, any suit.
  6. Flush - any five cards of the same suit.
  7. Full House - three cards of the same value and two cards of the same value.
  8. Kare - four cards of the same value.
  9. Straight Flush - Five cards of the same suit in sequence.
  10. Royal Flush - five cards from ten to ace of the same suit.

Game progress

So now, knowing the basics, you can start playing poker hold'em. The rules state that the cards must be de alt clockwise and begin with the small blind. Each of the players receives two cards (open), and this position at the table is called preflop. After that, everyone starts placing their bets. Since the first two players have made their mandatory bets, the person immediately after the big blind, in early position, starts first. So he can:

  1. Discard your cards if he thinks his chances are too low.
  2. Call the bet (put the same number of chips) as the player in the big blind.
  3. Increase the bet (based on your game format).
poker game rules texas hold'em

After the circle has ended in the small and big blinds, the dealer puts the first three cards on the game table (open to everyone). All players can use them to build their combination. Further, those who did not fold their cards again begin a new round of betting, after which another card is laid out on the table, now the position is called the turn. Bets are placed again, after whichThe last card, called the river, is laid out, thus, the final round of betting takes place, and after the cards of the players are revealed, the winner takes the entire pot that was formed for the distribution. If someone did not wait, and on some round the player bet everything (went all-in), he simply waits for the final showdown. The winner is the player whose combination is higher. As we can see, the rules of Texas Hold'em are quite simple, but they must be remembered.

texas holdem poker rules


A lot in poker depends on luck, but professionalism, honed not only in victories, but also in defeats, takes no less share. Strategy plays an important role in the game. The rules of the game of poker (Texas Hold'em) have several concepts, which, in turn, describe the strategy of the player's behavior.

Loose play implies a sharp play with unreasonable risk. Often used by beginners who are ready to go all-in with any combination, hoping for a bluff.

Tight players are calm and reasonable, they do not rely on luck and rush into the game only with a good card, with a weak one they fold without trying to bluff.

Aggressive play allows you to dictate your opponent the rules of poker hold'em, thereby keeping him in constant tension with his big bets, regardless of whether it's a bluff or not.

Passive players rarely attack themselves, often they accept and support opponents' bets in the hope that on the last two cards they havethere will be a winning combination. Thanks to the right strategy for playing the game, you can beat any poker player. The rules of the game of Texas Hold'em allow you to choose the manner of behavior that is peculiar to your game, but in terms of the most effective game, it is best to use a tight-aggressive position. It is due to playing only a strong hand, but it is necessary to attack to the maximum.

texas holdem poker rules

Parting words before the game

Successful tactics and good combinations in Texas poker will allow you to earn a lot of money playing this game. Regardless of whether you are a professional player or a beginner, you need to develop the most comfortable position for yourself in the game. Now there is a large amount of educational material with which you can learn a lot about holdem poker: rules, strategy, tactics, combinations, starting hand strength, etc. The more information you get, the better and more productive your game will become. Poker is currently the most popular card game. The rules of the Texas Hold'em game are not much different from any other type of game. Thus, for those people who have already had experience in other types of poker, it will be somewhat easier, but it is still worth refreshing your memory and practicing and developing your style of play before playing for real money.

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