Crochet openwork dresses
Crochet openwork dresses

Crochet dresses are always elegant, interesting and original. Every woman wants to have at least one of these outfits in her wardrobe.

Unfortunately, high-quality crocheted dresses, and even those that fit the figure, are not easy to find in stores today. But you can try to make such a product with your own hands! Of course, the process of making this piece of clothing takes a lot of time, requires incredible patience and perseverance. However, the result is worth it! Crochet dresses, patterns of which can be found not only on the pages of needlework magazines, but also on special sites, are incredibly beautiful and feminine. If a knitter has experience in this kind of work, she can create a real work of art.

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If you decide to knit such a dress yourself, you need to stock up on everything you need: a paper pattern for the product, a knitting pattern, yarn, the amount of which directly depends on the quality of the thread and style, and of course, crochet. Crocheted dresses with job descriptions can now be found in almost any needlework magazine. Getting started, it is important to clearly imagine the future product and how it will look on the figure. Todecide on the choice of style, you can try on a couple of outfits that correspond in silhouette to the model chosen for knitting.

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You need to choose the model and style of the future dress very carefully. Knitted by skillful hands and decorated according to all the rules, it will become an exquisite piece of women's wardrobe. For example, for those who have a small waist and wide hips, dresses crocheted in the Empire style are perfect. Such models will visually reduce the hips and divert attention from them. This style will appeal to almost all young girls, regardless of the features of their figure. Hiding a tummy under such an outfit is not at all a problem. An excellent solution for women with curvaceous forms is a crochet dress with a straight cut and a trapezoid shape. This type of outfit will hide the belly area and will be a great option for large ladies.

Thanks to the indistinct waist line, this dress fits the figure freely. Having stopped the choice on this model, it is worth remembering that it is necessary to choose an outfit exactly in size. If the dress is at least a little big, then the probability of giving extra volume to the woman's body increases significantly.

For those with a wide pelvis and large breasts, it is advisable to choose a dress that will fit around the waist and, starting from the hips, expand downwards. An outfit with a flared bottom on a girl with large breasts will balance the upper part of the figure. Emphasizing the waist line will indicate the smooth curves of the female body. This style of dress perfectly highlights all the advantages, covers the excess, whilethe image becomes more elegant. Most importantly, the outfit should not be too baggy or tight.

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The optimal length for a crochet dress will be just above the knee. Thanks to this length, the figure will visually look slimmer and taller, and if the growth is not high, it will be possible to demonstrate the legs, provided that there is something to brag about.

Classic crochet dresses are without a doubt the most stylish. They are multifunctional, and this circumstance allows you to complement the outfit with various decorations: from such elegant accessories as a necklace, necklace or scarf, to the simplest and most discreet ones.

The drawings on the dress look especially good, while the image becomes more feminine and even more interesting. The most important thing is that they "lie" in the right places, maintain the neutrality and proportionality of the silhouette. With a dress that has patterns and remarkable prints, you can safely experiment and get completely different looks. It remains only not to forget that to create any image, additional touches are needed - shoes, accessories, a bag, selected in the same style. Crocheted dresses are extremely feminine and romantic, and therefore such models deserve special attention.

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