Do-it-yourself chiffon dresses - affordable and easy
Do-it-yourself chiffon dresses - affordable and easy

Models of summer chiffon dresses are the most common in warm weather. By itself, this material is light, perfectly draped and gentle. Its composition includes natural fibers with minimal addition of synthetics. The process of sewing from such a fabric is a little laborious, as it slips, crumbles, and the line on it often shrinks. However, if a person has the initial skills of mastery, then no difficulties will arise, you just need to stock up on a little patience to get the expected result.

handmade chiffon dresses

So how do they sew chiffon dresses with their own hands? For this light airy outfit, you will need a fabric with parameters of 2.50 m1.50 m, where the second value is the width of the fabric. Patterns are best taken from a magazine. If it is possible to create a basis for sewing a chiffon dress with your own hands from the very beginning and in all respects of the figure, then this will be an ideal option.

To work, you will need to take needles in sizes 85 and 90, silk threads with numbers 33 and 18 and a hidden zipper 30 cm long. If notIf it is possible to use just such threads, then you can replace them with cotton with numbers 40 and 50. When cutting out parts, it is necessary to leave allowances of 1.5 cm. This is done due to the fact that the fabric crumbles, as already mentioned, and additional processing of all sections will be required. When finished, the seams should be about 0.8 cm wide.

plus size chiffon dresses

Do-it-yourself chiffon dresses of a simple style are usually sewn as follows:

1. The side seams of the front and back of the skirt are sewn together. There should be only an open place for the zipper.

2. An allowance of 0.6 cm is ironed on the neck (on the inside), after which it is overcast and sewn. Excess threads must be cut off. It is initially possible to sew with a zigzag stitch without overcasting.

3. The stage of connecting the bodice and skirt. Sew with a seam of 1.5 cm. Overlock the sections.

4. Armholes are processed with a seam called "American" (edge).

5. Zipper insertion stage.

6. Finishing the bottom with a zigzag stitch.

7. Ironing the item.

Due to the fact that chiffon is almost transparent, you should add a petticoat made of lining fabric or the same fabric used for the dress. Its pattern is made according to the main skirt, but 2 cm narrower. The length is 1/2 of the entire length of the skirt. It is attached either together with the hem, or put on separately, but then it is necessary to sew an elastic band into it.

chiffon summer dresses

Chiffon dresses,sewn with their own hands, not only help out in the summer, but can come in handy in warm autumn and spring days. They are suitable for almost any girl and look good with various accessories. Plus size chiffon dresses help hide figure flaws and make the look more feminine. You should not be afraid to experiment with patterns, the main thing is that the outfit fits perfectly. It is worth noting that the item must be washed in a cotton bag at a temperature not exceeding 30 degrees, then the sewn item will always look like new!

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