Model of the ship "Mercury" - the glory of the Russian fleet
Model of the ship "Mercury" - the glory of the Russian fleet

The production of bench models of ships requires diversified development from their authors. They must understand engineering graphics, have the skills to use many turning, carpentry and even jewelry tools, know the technologies for using veneer, be able to putty and paint with high quality. Creating models of ships with his own hands, the modeler will definitely be interested in the history of the fleet, both Russian and other countries. Without a doubt, such a hobby testifies to high intelligence and diversified development.

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A bit of history

The Russian brig "Mercury" and its crew distinguished themselves during the Turkish war. The commander of the ship, Captain-Lieutenant A. I. Kazarsky, seeing that an enemy squadron was coming against him, accepted the battle without hesitation. Acting bravely and skillfully, as befits Russian sailors, the team hit two enemy battleships with well-aimed shots, damaging them so much that they lost their course and lay adrift. Our brig successfully escaped the chase. The stern St. George's flag became an award to the brave sons of the Fatherland. The layout of the ship "Mercury" is quite a worthy embodiment of the "aerobatics" of modeling skills. In addition to historical facts, the courage of Russian sailors is also emphasized purelytechnical details. The ship armament of the Mercury consisted of eighteen guns, nine on each side. For comparison, the heavily damaged Turkish battleships Real Bay and Selimiye had 74 and 110 guns on their decks, respectively. Impressive!

Mercury ship layout

Case Modeling

The layout of the ship consists of a hull, the largest element, masts, gear and rigging. For the manufacture of frames, stringers and keel, sheet plywood is required. You can make your task easier by purchasing a ready-made kit, but this approach seriously increases the cost of the model. The initial stage of fitting the elements of the supporting frame is a "dry" assembly, which eliminates all the flaws made when sawing profile parts, especially at the points of their articulation. Then comes fixation. After drying, you can start pasting the skin with a flexible veneer. It is many times more expensive than ordinary plywood, but it is this technology that allows you to achieve maximum realism. Beginners can start with solid wood hulls, the layout of the ship "Mercury" quite allows for this technology, since all the guns are located on the upper deck. The difficulty in this case will be to maintain the correct geometry of the contours.

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Rigging and sails

What is the difference between marseille and mizzen? Where is the grotto located? What are gits and sheets? Everyone who is going to build a model of a sailing ship should know the answers to all these questions. Moreover, sea knots need to be learnedto knit. And the basics of sailing navigation must be learned. Otherwise, not a model of a ship will come out, but at best a toy. The tackle of a sailboat at first glance seems very complicated, but our ancestors understood how to manage them. Naval officers, of course, were highly educated people, but the sailors had no diplomas, and nothing, they managed somehow. Nowadays, there are no barriers for an inquisitive mind, all literature is at hand - there are both books and the Internet. And materials are also available, and tools. And layout designers have been learning the intricacies of technology for years, learning from the experience of their predecessors and inventing their own technologies along the way.

Happy sailing and fair winds!

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