T-72 tank - model. Collection series "DeAgostini": assembly of a radio-controlled tank
T-72 tank - model. Collection series "DeAgostini": assembly of a radio-controlled tank

Collecting scale models-copies of modern weapons and military equipment is a hobby to which thousands of citizens of our country and around the world devote their free time with great pleasure.

In recent years, there has been a trend when bench models are increasingly preferred to full-fledged models that have the ability to move. In this series, the leading positions are rightfully occupied by radio-controlled products.

New on the Russian market

DeAgostini Group in Russia implemented a project that aroused quite predictable interest among fans of armored vehicles. Now they have the opportunity to become the owner of such a product as a radio-controlled model of the T-72 tank. An employee of the UVZ Design Bureau, which produces real tanks of the mentioned model, took part in its development.

magazine tank T-72 model 1:16

Moreover, the publisher's approach to solving the issue is unique in its own way. Anyone who wants to get a high-quality copy on a scale of 1:16 does not purchase the entire set of parts at a time, from which he independently assembles the T-72 tank (the model is able to move in any direction,obeying the commands of the control panel), as was practiced earlier.

Required parts for assembly, instructions for creating a particular node go on sale weekly, complete with a magazine. In addition to materials directly related to technology and installation, the Tank T-72 magazine (model 1:16) contains materials on the history of the development of armored vehicles in the USSR and Russia.

Where and when can I buy the magazine?

Magazines are sold at Soyuzpechat and AiF kiosks in almost every locality in Russia.

controlled model of the T-72 tank

The first issue was published on 05/09/2015, and was dedicated to the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War. In addition to the first set of parts for assembly, a DVD is included with the magazine. It is planned that a complete set of parts for the controlled model of the T-72 tank to be fully assembled will arrive in 65 issues of the magazine.

The recommended cost of the first issue is 99 rubles. The last two will cost the buyer already 799 rubles. This is due to the fact that together with the numbers come components for assembling the radio control.

The publishers took into account the possibility that some modellers may find themselves in a situation where the issue of the magazine containing the parts from which the radio-controlled model of the T-72 tank is assembled cannot be purchased. In this case, it can be ordered directly from the manufacturer (detailed information is available in the magazine and on the official website of the company).

What does a modeler get?

Each purchase will include a magazine and kitdetails. After completing the installation and debugging, you will receive a T-72 tank, the model of which has the following dimensions: 420.0214.5142.5 (mm) and weighs 3,700 g.

model of the tank T-72 DeAgostini

All parts that are assembled are made of metal alloy. Metal tower. It is important that the caterpillar tracks are made of metal, which allows the model to move on almost any soil. Support tracks, drive wheel and idler are metal. All plugs are made of plastic.

The T-72 tank model kit comes with an armed tanker figure made in the same scale. A significant advantage of the model, which ensures its smooth running and sufficiently high cross-country ability, is the independent suspension of the support tracks.

The package does not include a remote control and a headset that allows you to control the model using a tablet or phone (camera and Wi-Fi).

tank T-72 model

What can this model do?

The T-72 tank, the model of which can be obtained as a result of the complete completion of assembly work, is capable of:

  • to conduct a "real" battle using IR sensors;
  • move forward and backward;
  • turn in both directions;
  • turn around on the spot;
  • raise and lower the gun barrel;
  • throw "exhaust gases" from a running engine;
  • hatches (both turret and driver) open.

The combined model of the T-72 "DeAgostini" tank allows control usingspecial remote control included with the model, from a computer or smartphone.

Why choose the T-72 model?

This tank is rightfully considered a cult vehicle that marked a new stage in the development of the domestic production of heavy equipment. The T-72 Ural is a second-generation MBT. It was adopted by the USSR Armed Forces in 1973 and was mass-produced until 1992 at two Ural tank factories (in Nizhny Tagil and Chelyabinsk).

During this time, about 30 thousand tanks were produced.

radio-controlled model of the T-72 tank

Licensed production of the tank was established in 4 states: Czechoslovakia, Poland, Iraq and India. Versions produced outside the USSR had a modification of the T-72M.

The combined model of the T-72 tank was made in its original modification, corresponding to the model of 1973. During serial production, the tank was produced in 19 modifications. The possibility of arming it with four different models of tank guns from 120 to 130 mm was considered. All issues related to the modifications and modernization of the tank during its operation are discussed in detail in the magazines "Tank T-72", the model of which can be assembled if desired by any modeler who has bought all the numbers.

radio-controlled model of the T-72 tank

In addition, each issue contains an article on the development of tank building in the USSR, which discusses the creation of the most significant models (T-26, BT, T-34, KV, IS, etc.)

T-72 in service with the Russian Armed Forces

In service with the Russian armycurrently consists of a modification of the T-72B3 tank, the production of which began in 2011, and the first production vehicles entered the army in 2012. The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation decided to curtail the production of the T-90 "Vladimir" tank and refuse to modernize the existing T-80 tanks in favor of improving the existing T-72 to the level of T-72B3. This made it possible to obtain tanks of comparable quality at lower costs. Moreover, the decision was made taking into account the design work already underway at that time to create the T-14 Armata.

tank T-72 model

To participate in the international tank biathlon, the car was upgraded to the T-72BM3 type. This version received an increased power engine (1130 hp), a panoramic thermal imager at the commander's workplace, automatic transmission and control system with voice output of information about the occurrence of malfunctions.

T-72 tank today: world significance

This tank is in service with many countries of the world. These are the former Warsaw Pact countries, Iraq, India, Angola, Algeria, Iran and a number of other states.

The machine has been repeatedly tested by real combat operations and has earned high praise in the world. This is due to its ability to effectively resist the latest types of weapons and military equipment produced in NATO states (USA, Germany, France).

Currently, T-72 tanks are actively used in Syria and take part in painful actions in various hot spots around the world.

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