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Coins of the Russian Empire. Cost and features
Coins of the Russian Empire. Cost and features

Coin collecting is not just a way to earn money, but an opportunity to touch a piece of history. Each of them has its own characteristics that surprise both connoisseurs and ordinary people.


During the long reign of the monarchs, a huge amount of money was issued, there were ordinary copper, interesting silver specimens, and, of course, the majestic gold representatives of the past. During the period of tsarism, a lot of reforms took place, so some coins were also made from alloys.

The currency issued in the same year differed in a lot of details. So, money of a similar denomination differed in the place of minting or the presence of a special marriage of the mint.


Simple, made of copper coins of the Russian Empire are not the most popular goods. However, everything depends on many factors.

The main value-adding item is the minting yard. Sometimes, depending on the minting court, the price of a coin rises to surprising heights. For example, a penny issued in 1711 can cost from six to ten thousand rubles. This price difference is due to the location.coinage.

However, the main factor for the coin of the Russian Empire is its safety. It is the condition that will be the main selling point for such an antique item.

Silver coins of the Russian Empire

Pretty popular representatives of tsarism are products made of precious metals. You will not find a collector who will not appreciate the silver coins of the Russian Empire. Products made from this material have a cost ranging from a few rubles to hundreds of thousands.

Without a doubt, silver items are incredibly popular and highly valued. Of course, bad condition will lower the value, but royal silver is just a godsend for numismatists.

Coins of the Russian Empire photo

Next are the rarer gold coins of the Russian Empire. The cost of some representatives reaches several hundred thousand. However, adding such a coin to your collection is incredibly difficult. And the problem is not the price, but the complexity of the search, because such gold is rare.

Where to sell?

Coins of the Russian Empire

Having the coins of the Russian Empire, one should not expect any special difficulties in sales. Such a product is in demand and will bring a large and quick income. The main difficulty will be to choose a suitable place of sale.

The most natural point of sale is to find a numismatist club. Similar groups can be found in many large cities. In such a place, money is able to appreciate and make a profitable offer.

Easier,but a somewhat unprofitable place for sale will be shops that accept antiques. The disadvantages of this option is that a very expensive copy may not be bought. In addition, the proposed price in such an institution will be slightly lower than the actual cost.

Selling online

Coins of the Russian Empire cost

You can also sell money without difficulty using the Internet. In fact, this will be one of the best ways to sell the coin.

The best option would be to put the coins of the Russian Empire up for auction. But this method will take a lot of time. It is at the auction that you can get the real value of the royal currency.

This method also has tangible drawbacks. In addition to the duration of the auction, there are difficulties with the delivery of goods. In addition, the winner may refuse to redeem the lot. As a result, the time allotted for the auction was lost.

A more compromise solution would be selling on specialized sites created to buy coins of the Russian Empire. A photo of the lot will need to be sent to the buyer's website, where it will be evaluated. After that, the seller will be offered a price for which the site is ready to redeem the goods.

The disadvantage of this way is that the cost is significantly underestimated, and the seller will lose a significant amount on a really valuable copy.

An easier way to sell a valuable copy is to advertise on social media and message boards.


When buying rare money, you should be extremely careful: there is a high probability of getting instead ofa rare copy of a common modern copy.

When buying, it is worth examining the order in detail, it is advisable to compare it with the original, if it is available. Particular attention should be paid to the edge, to study the features of coinage and the initials of the mintzmeister.

Very often fakes differ in small fragments, so you need to check the product thoroughly. Copies of the worst quality can be recognized by color, usually in such coins it is more inclined in color to metal.

The highest quality fakes are created using a similar material, and sometimes even subjected to artificial aging. Such copies are incredibly difficult to distinguish by eye, but this is very rare and only in really expensive coins.

It is possible to expose a fake only with the help of special expertise.

You need to buy antiques in trusted places with an established reputation in order to avoid deception.

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