Tilda dolls - what is it?
Tilda dolls - what is it?

Now you can find a lot of master classes on how to sew a doll in the tilde style. But not everyone knows what kind of toys they are. We invite you to find out what a tilde is. Patterns and a sewing tutorial are included.

Who are tilde dolls?

These are such cute toys. Fashion for them was created by the Norwegian needlewoman Tone Finanger. She published a book, on the pages of which patterns were offered. The life-size tilda was depicted in beautiful interiors. As a result, needlewomen from all over the world took out beautiful fabric and rushed to their sewing machines to sew an interesting doll.

Tilda toys are dolls with unusual figures, bunnies, cats, deer, dogs, bears and mice, angels and much more. Their peculiarity lies in several points:

  • eyes are made with black dots (most often these are French knots);
  • there is always a blush on the cheeks;
  • fabrics - natural and bright colors;
  • size is small.

It is worth noting that the tilde doll is more of a very interesting piece of interior decor than a toy in the traditional sense. Therefore, it is customary to give such crafts, rather,adults rather than children.

What materials and tools are used when sewing tildes?

Tilda doll is a toy made from natural materials. Most often linen or cotton is used. But wool, calico, fleece or flannel will do. The same material is taken for sewing doll clothes.

tilde is

Needlewomen like to use holofiber or synthetic winterizer as a filler. The toy can also be stuffed with small pieces of other fabric.

A variety of lace, beads, buttons and other cute details are used as decor.

From the tools you need only scissors, needles, threads, life-size tilde patterns. The doll can also be made on a sewing machine. But most often they are sewn by hand.

Real tilda doll

Sewing workshop:

tilde patterns
  1. Make a pattern and cut out all the details.
  2. Then attach the pattern pieces to the fabric and cut out.
  3. Sew the pieces in pairs. As a result, you should get arms, legs, head and body, wings.
  4. Place the filler inside the toy parts. Since the toy is small, the synthetic winterizer needs to be stuffed with a wooden stick.
  5. Sew all the elements together.
  6. In order for the doll's arms and legs to bend well, you need to sew them with small stitches in the middle. Approximately where the elbow and knee joints are located in a person.
  7. Sew an angel outfit. It consists of a set of shirts and panties, as well as a dress that is worn on top.
  8. Take a skein of knitting thread and make it into hair. You can loose, or you can collect a braid.
  9. Dress the doll. Sew in the sides of the clothes so that they do not hang.
  10. Embroider a face and blush.
  11. Sew on wings.

The doll is ready!

Tilda Bunny

Animals can also be made in the style of a tilde doll.

do-it-yourself tilda patterns

Cute Bunny Tutorial:

  1. Make a pattern and cut out the bunny's body, paws and long ears from light fabric.
  2. From the fabric with the pattern, cut out the details for the pants with shoulder straps and hat.
  3. Sew in pairs the details of the arms and legs, ears and body.
  4. Fill the details with filler.
  5. Sew the ears and four legs to the body.
  6. Sew shorts and two matching ribbons.
  7. Make a brim hat.
  8. Embroider a nose, eyes and mouth on the muzzle. And on each paw, make fingers. To do this, embroider two large crosses side by side.
  9. Put pants on the bunny and sew on the straps. Joints can be decorated with buttons.
  10. Put on a hat.

The wonderful tilda bunny is ready!

Tilda cat

It's very easy to make a tilde cat with your own hands. Patterns for its creation very often consist of only three parts - paws, body and tail. Therefore, it is enough just to cut out the details and transfer them to the fabric. If you want to make the body of the cat one-color, and the middle of the ear from the fabric with a pattern, or vice versa, then just cut off one ear frompatterns. When transferring to fabric, do not forget to indent.

tilda master class

When you already have two parts for the body, tail and front legs, you can start sewing. If you make the ears separately, then you need two plain backs and colorful fronts. Sew all the details together in pairs. Place a filler inside each and sew up the holes. Sew the legs and tail to the body. Embroider a muzzle and make rosy cheeks.

To somehow decorate the tilde cat, make a bow, tie or some clothes.

Tilde Bears

Instructions on how to sew a tilde bear with your own hands:

life size tilde patterns
  1. Make a pattern of the toy and transfer it to the fabric.
  2. As a result, you should get the following details: two halves of the muzzle, one back of the head, two parts of the body, four ears, four legs and arms, as well as decorative patches in the shape of a heart, rhombus and rectangle. If desired, you can make ears of different shapes (two types are presented on the pattern).
  3. Sew the ears in pairs.
  4. Sew the two halves of the muzzle together and then sew the back of the head. Insert the ears into the seam from above.
  5. Sew the body parts.
  6. Sew all four legs in pairs - two arms and two legs.
  7. Sew the head and paws to the body.
  8. Sew on decorative patches.
  9. Sew thread on the nose in the shape of a triangle, eyes and mouth.

The bear is ready!


The most interesting thing is that if you change the pattern a little, you can sew many different animals. For example, from the patterns proposed above, you can make not only bunnies, bears and cats, but also dogs, sheep, pigs and many other animals.

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