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How to make everything for dolls for school, including furniture and supplies
How to make everything for dolls for school, including furniture and supplies

How to do everything for dolls for the school and is it necessary to do this if today you can find anything in stores? Making a school for dolls and accessories is not at all as difficult as it seems at first. A little patience, paper, scissors, cardboard - and in one evening you can make a complete set to send your pet to the wonderful world of knowledge in the morning!

And if you have a printer, plasticine, a needle, thread and a couple of other simple materials, you can make a copy of real school textbooks and pens. Desks and a board are also easy and quick to make. After all, the main desire and a head full of ideas to play incredible stories, fantasize as much as you like! Why spend money if the creative process is more interesting and useful than shopping, and save.

What dolls need in school

Every student knows what accessories will be useful to him in his studies, what to wear them in and what the office looks like at school, but not everyone knows how to make everything for the school for dolls with their own hands. The idea seems grandiose and impracticable, but making an absolute copy of the school for puppet students will captivateso much so that time flies by.

School accessories for dolls
School accessories for dolls

So, what exactly will little schoolchildren need:

  • briefcase or backpack;
  • notebooks and textbooks in various subjects;
  • diary;
  • pencil case with stationery (pens of different colors, ruler, simple pencil, sharpener, eraser);
  • album, brushes and paints or markers;
  • school furniture (desks, blackboard, educational posters, globe, bookshelves or shelves);
  • if schoolchildren are modern - a laptop, a smartphone.

How to make everything for the school for dolls, if there is nothing at hand except paper, pens, cardboard and glue. Easy and simple, if you dream up a little! But of course, the set will turn out much more beautiful if you print the blanks of real educational materials on a printer or paint everything yourself.

From thought to action, school furniture

You can start by decorating the class. Take a box of the right size, stick printed or painted windows with curtains, cut a hole for the door and tape it.

How to make everything for the school for dolls is more or less clear, but what about the school board and furniture. Again, do not forget to fantasize: the board can be made separately or placed on the wall of the box by simply drawing it; you can get a little more confused and cut out rectangles from cardboard, stick them to a solid cardboard rectangle with tape (these will be opening / closing doors of the board) and glue the whole structure to the wall with glue.

Desks are easier to make frommatchboxes, gluing cut pieces of tubes of juice instead of legs or making them plasticine. Then the finished desks can simply be painted. And chairs are easy to make from cardboard and the same sticks.

How to arrange a puppet class at school
How to arrange a puppet class at school

A wardrobe or chest of drawers can also be made from matchboxes. There the teacher will keep his teaching aids and notebooks of students. You can put a globe made of plasticine on the cabinet.

It remains to decorate the office with portraits of writers and hang up educational posters: world map, alphabet, multiplication table, etc.

School supplies for dolls

How to make a do-it-yourself school for dolls so that stationery items are also present in it: pens, felt-tip pens, colored pencils, erasers, sharpeners, etc.? It will not work to make them from ordinary plasticine - they will constantly stick together and bend. Only non-sticky plasticine, ear sticks, toothpicks or wire can be used.

Ear sticks make excellent felt-tip pens - you just need to cut the stick into equal parts and paint over the tips of each piece with different colors. And a simple pencil will turn out from a toothpick. Handle made of wire, on which beads are strung - bend one corner, and spread glue where the “writing” part is, so that the beads do not crumble.

Notebooks and textbooks can be glued together from printed sheets, and if this is not possible, cut out mini-leaves 3 by 2 cm in size (or choose your own sizes). Make covers for them from thin cardboard or colored paper. in notebooksdon't forget to mark the fields with a red pen. The sheets in the middle can be fastened with a stapler or have to be stitched - one seam is enough.

DIY stationery for dolls
DIY stationery for dolls

A briefcase is more difficult to make - you either have to sew it, make it out of paper or tape. The last option is easier and faster.

Making a laptop and a phone is also not difficult - here you can already use plasticine, paper and colored pencils or stick the printed image of the laptop on a cardboard folded in half, not forgetting to stick the apple logo or another on top.

All other accessories can be made from the same improvised materials - the main thing is to fantasize and take the time to craft - then the question will no longer arise - how to make a school for Lol or Barbie dolls. After all, you want to play your home-made school endlessly and you can even play real stories from life with your child for educational purposes, thus teaching him courtesy, patience, hard work, and a desire to learn.

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