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Clothes for dolls: how to sew beautiful outfits?
Clothes for dolls: how to sew beautiful outfits?

Raising a girl is much harder than a boy. Any parent who has had the opportunity to raise both will tell you this. With her, you can’t get by with a couple of cars and a designer, in addition to hairpin bows, skirts and bracelets, clothing for dolls becomes a headache for every girl’s mother. How to sew it, where to buy it, or how to diversify the wardrobe of your daughter's favorites in general?

clothes for dolls how to sew

Now a huge number of different dolls are produced - plastic, rubber, stuffed or knitted. They differ in size and appearance, they can be babies and adult ladies. That is why there is no single approach to creating such an important thing as clothes for dolls. How to sew it, let's figure it out together.


Very popular among little girls are baby dolls. Sometimes they can be almost indistinguishable from a real newborn. With such dolls, the easiest thing is: firstly, they can be put on ready-made things, left tofor example, from the daughter herself, or bought in a children's store. And secondly, due to the rather large size and quite familiar human proportions of the body, it is quite simple to create things for such toys.

sew clothes for dolls patterns

So, we sew clothes for dolls. Patterns for its creation can be taken in any sewing magazine for newborns. Another option is to copy ready-made things from which your daughter grew up. On them, you should cut the fabric, and then try on the product on the doll, chipping it with pins and sweeping it. In the case when there is a sewing machine or overlocker at home, the task is simplified, but any item of a toy wardrobe is sewn quickly enough with your hands. It must be borne in mind that the daughter will play with the doll, and very actively, and therefore it is necessary to sew the details of future dresses on the conscience, carefully processing the edges of the clothes so that they do not fray and puff. The finished thing should definitely be washed and ironed before putting it on the doll.

The situation is quite different with the Barbies that have been fashionable for a decade now. Well, in addition to them, there are now other young lady dolls with magnificent forms - Bratz, Moxie. It will not work to approach them with standard patterns of human outfits. But after all, any girl would like clothes for dolls to be created for them. How to sew for Barbie or Bratz? You can use the specialized magazines that have appeared on sale for patterns for the toy world. Among such publications, for example, there is "Puppet Master" or "BurdaPuppenmode". They are designed for needlewomen, andreveal the secrets of not only how to sew the dolls themselves, but also how to create a fashionable and unusual wardrobe for them.

Barbie and Bratz

But if there are no clues, well, let's learn as we go. We sew clothes for Bratz dolls. We will need a sheet of A4 paper, a pencil, tailor's ribbon, scissors, fabric and thread with a needle. To begin with, we apply the future owner of the dress to the sheet and outline the approximate contours of her body. Then, on top of these outlines, we draw the parts of the pattern of the future dress themselves, at the same time estimating the length of individual parts with the help of a ribbon.

we sew clothes for bratz dolls

Cut out the finished parts of the pattern, apply to the fabric and start cutting. Then, as with human clothing, it is necessary to sweep away the future dress, and arrange a fitting for the doll. In the course of it, adjust the cut and start sewing. Further, we are guided by the tips already described above.


As you can see, there is nothing easier to sew than clothes for dolls. Now you can imagine how to sew it, and you can create many interesting wardrobe details for your girl's favorite. By the way, you can and should involve your daughter in the sewing process - then it will also be an educational lesson.

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