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Beautiful do-it-yourself dolls: ideas, patterns, tips for making
Beautiful do-it-yourself dolls: ideas, patterns, tips for making

Style is immediately visible. As soon as you enter the house, you notice a doll sitting on a hat shelf. In the kitchen, a rag boy is holding a jar of s alt. And in the room, a dancer wrapped herself around the leg of a floor lamp. Of course, guests will ask where the owners got such unusual interior items. And having learned that this is the work of the mistress of the house herself, they will immediately be asked to repeat the masterpiece.

Many people think that only real artists can make beautiful handmade dolls. But think: how many years has the doll existed! And only one hundred and fifty years it has been made in factories. But what about before? Mothers sewed toys for children themselves.

Ancient Art

Puppets seem to have always accompanied man. Archaeologists find artifacts that are more than four thousand years old. Not all types of this folk art have survived to this day, but Japanese amigurumi dolls succeeded. Big-eyed knitted men are now a staple of kawaii fashion, which began with Japanese cartoons.

These toys are no more than eight centimeters in height. Headtraditionally more is done than usual. The classic example is Pokemon. All amigurumi are kind. Even if they are animals or interior items. A smile adorns everyone, says Eastern wisdom.

Japanese amigurumi

To knit such beautiful dolls with your own hands, you will need thick yarn and a thin hook. Crochet in the round, starting with three loops rolled into a ring. The knitted fabric is stuffed with padding polyester and sewn up with cotton threads - they are completely invisible against the background of yarn. Now we need to give the toy a name. And even in the event of a sale, it will remain with her - this is a feature of amigurumi.

Revival of ancient art

In our age of technology, handmade products are becoming more and more popular. Designers include textile dolls in the decoration of the girls' room. They do not play with such dolls - they are easily torn and dirty. But if the mother herself can sew such a doll, the girl’s childhood will only become richer. There are many textile techniques, but sewing an attic doll is the most beloved in recent years.

The idea came from America. A beautiful do-it-yourself doll can be made from improvised materials and give it the appearance of gathering dust in the attic for a long time. Previously, they were sewn from patches left over from sewing. No synthetics - only linen and cotton. No pattern - everything is inspired. The body of the pupa is impregnated with a coffee-glue composition and baked in the oven, which is why it acquires an aroma and a beautiful tan color. After she is dressed in a dress and pantaloons.

If you need a doll that stands on its own, without a stand, you can sew a Bigfoot.She can stand on densely stuffed thick legs. This doll has a standard pattern, so all Bigfoots look like sisters. Clothes, hair and accessories differ. Their eyes are small, like two dots. Often there is no nose and mouth, but always rosy cheeks.


For those who have never made toys before, it is better to start with sewing Tilda. Designed by a Norwegian artist. Tilda has long thin arms and legs. Its feature is a flat profile - this is how the pattern is conceived. The tilde design can be almost anything: girls, boys, bunnies, cubs and kittens.

Tilda doll

The courses on making an author's toy teach how to make a beautiful doll with your own hands. It is important that thin bodily tissue is used for Tilda's arms and head. You can color it yourself. For the legs and dress you will need colored chintz.

This doll is sewn already in clothes. If there is a desire to change outfits on her, then they make her half of the arms, half of the legs and the torso of lace underwear.

Dolls for interior decoration

A special class of dolls - interior. They serve as decoration and most often live with collectors. These are not only knitted or fabric dolls, but also made of polymer clay. They can look like figurines, or they can be made in human height and sit in a chair. Store windows are decorated with these. For example, in one of the second-hand bookshops in Moscow, Pushkin sat in an armchair for a long time in a window - a doll expertly made especially for this purpose.

Interior dolls

Of course, you cannot make such beautiful dolls with your own hands. But polymer clay can be used to create figurines, and it's not difficult. There are forms for the face, ready-made arms and legs, a lot of various details for designer dolls. This, however, costs unreasonably large amounts of money. A set for an author's doll reaches 800 rubles.

Articulated dolls are the most difficult to make. They can be given any poses, and often gestures. At training courses, you can comprehend the technology of creating a hinged doll, but this is not interesting for everyone: the process is lengthy, requiring extreme accuracy and captivating only real creators.


These cute dolls got their name from their large head on a thin neck. They usually have very large eyes and long hair. It is made both on a wire frame and without it. These dolls are quite large, so they can be planted on a windowsill or on a sofa. But there are also little girls - they are sewn with a frame inside.

The face is painted with acrylics. Eyes are made with large eyelashes. They may look away. The author can give the face of Pumpkinhead a special expression - cheerful, thoughtful, the doll can smile or purse her lips and even bite her lip. It gives her character.

pumpkin head doll

Accessories are made for the doll - a book, a kitten, a handbag, a backpack. The doll can be dressed in the form of a stewardess, nurse, skier or tourist - all according to the author's intention. Such dolls are a good gift.

Waldorf Sewing Instructionsdolls

This doll is traditionally handcrafted from natural fabrics. A special feature is the knitted close-fitting, under which the body of the doll is pulled together in a special way with threads.

bigfoot doll

Pattern of a cloth doll. Standard sizes:

  • height - 20 centimeters (of which 8 centimeters per head);
  • body width - 5 centimeters;
  • handle width - 2.3 cm;
  • leg width - 2.5 cm;
  • foot width - 1.7 centimeters.
doll pattern

Assembly order:

  1. For the head use a skein of yarn (preferably white, so as not to shed). It is pulled at the level of the doll's eyes. Attach a ball of wool with a diameter of a centimeter to the place of the nose. After that, a knitted tube is put on the ball and tied so that a neck is obtained.
  2. According to the pattern, the body is sewn and stuffed with padding polyester. The bending points of the arms and legs are stitched. The fingers on the palms are stitched.
  3. The body and head are sewn together.
  4. Shoes are sewn onto the legs, put on and sewn on.
  5. Hair is made from yarn, sewn in a circle, braided.
  6. Sew a dress and put on a doll.
  7. Put two dots on the face and apply blush.

Pro Tips

Surely you have met ugly dolls with crooked faces. Sometimes in a toy store, sometimes in an interior furniture store, and sometimes in a supermarket. Such poor fellows were made on the stream, without investing their souls. The artist, answering the question of how to sew a beautiful doll,First of all, he will pay attention to the need for love for his creation. Then it turns out that the seams are neater, and it is not difficult to redo something.

In making a doll, it is sometimes difficult to turn small details inside out. To do this, the artists use the cocktail tube method - they insert it into the part, and then turn it inside out using a thread pulled through the tube.

Interior dolls made of polymer clay

In textile techniques, it is important to dye the fabric that goes on the body of the chrysalis. Otherwise, she will look like a geisha. Paint with an aqueous solution of tea, coffee and glue. Aged for a while and air-dried or oven-dried - it's faster.


There are many places in the house where you can put a new doll. These are jars with cereals - they make a cereal doll for them. A chrysalis made of cross-linked twigs can live in a flower pot. They are wrapped in cloth and made into a skirt. A cork from a wine bottle is suitable for the head. They stick a twig into the ground, and now it becomes more fun on the window.

Make a doll from improvised materials with your own hands, and your life will become brighter and kinder.

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