Lacy Face Masks: DIY
Lacy Face Masks: DIY

Which of us does not want to bring at least a small piece of mystery, adventurism and intrigue into our lives? Lace masks, bewitching with numerous interlacing patterns, can make a dream come true. They will successfully emphasize the beauty of the eyes and makeup, as well as the fine lines of the owner's face.

The first lace face masks appeared in the 16th century and were used during ceremonial receptions. Today, the number of cases where a mask would be appropriate is much greater. Moreover, the models have become more original and intimate.

lace masks

When can I wear a face mask?

There are a few occasions that an accessory is simply made for. You can wear a lace face mask without looking weird or funny at the following events:

  1. New Year. It doesn't even need any explanation. Lacy masks will be equally useful at a corporate party, during a home holiday with friends and family. Such a mask can be a beautiful and stylish addition to an ordinary dress, sometimes it can become an independent element of a New Year's outfit. For example, a white lace eye maskwill perfectly complement the angel's costume, and the black one will become a chic attribute to the appearance of a catwoman. And these are just examples, because there can be many options for using a mask in a New Year's outfit. It all depends on your imagination!
  2. Special occasions. These may include birthdays, bachelorette parties, costume parties. The only thing that should not be forgotten is that a lace mask will draw attention to itself and, accordingly, to you. Therefore, this option is not for modest and shy young ladies who prefer to remain in the shadows and do not like to be the center of everyone's attention.
  3. Not children's games. In combination with a transparent peignoir or beautiful lingerie with stockings, a lace mask will act magically on your beloved man. Such a seemingly insignificant detail can diversify a couple's sex life and give both partners new emotions. Remember: men love with their eyes. Then why not give your loved one some new spectacle?
lace eye mask

Searching for a dream…

Let's say you firmly decided for yourself that you need an accessory. Now a completely logical question arises: "Where can I buy it?" There may be several options: order in an online store, walk through the boutiques of your city in search of a cherished cute little thing, or even make it yourself. At the same time, the latter option has a significant advantage - no young lady will definitely have such a mask. In addition, it will be possible to decorate it based on your personal taste preferences.

How to make a lace mask your ownhands?

It's not that hard. Even a high school student who does not have cutting and sewing skills can make a lace mask. Experienced needlewomen now and then lay out a variety of technologies for their manufacture: from the simplest to complex options, such as crocheted patterns. Below we consider the two simplest options that do not require special skills in needlework. At the same time, models made according to these schemes will look very impressive.

DIY lace mask

Lace Miracle

To make a mask, you need to take ribbon lace. It can be found in specialized stores for needlework and sewing or ordered online. In addition, you will need two satin ribbons for ties, a needle and thread for processing the contours of the product and scissors.

Making such a mask will only take half an hour! It is necessary to cut off a strip of lace of the desired length and make almond-shaped cutouts for the eyes in it. If necessary, finish them with basting stitches. After that, sew two ribbons to the finished mask, which will act as ties. As they say, everything ingenious is simple!

The same manufacturing method can be reduced even more by choosing a beautiful thin lace, in which there will be no need to make cuts for the eyes. It is enough just to sew the ribbon ties to the base, and the DIY lace mask is ready to use.

lace face masks

"Painted" fishnet mask

DIY lace mask can not only be cut orsewn, but also painted. And the final result looks very impressive and is not inferior to analogues with lace.

In order to make "drawn" openwork masks, you will need:

  • tulle or sheer fabric;
  • food film;
  • adhesive tape;
  • superglue;
  • sketch of a lace mask (one of the models in the photo);
  • black fabric paint in a tube;
  • scissors;
  • 2 satin ribbons.

It is most convenient to draw a mask on a table without a tablecloth. The sequence of actions is as follows:

  1. Put a sketch of the future mask on the table, cover it with cling film and fix it with adhesive tape so that nothing slips off during work.
  2. Put the tulle on top and start drawing the contours of the future mask according to the sketch with paint.
  3. After the work is completely dry (time depends on the type of paint), we will only have to cut out the mask and make cuts for the eyes.
  4. Glue satin ribbons to the finished mask for fastening. Done!

As you can see, even an inexperienced needlewoman can make lace face masks. The main thing is to arm yourself with inspiration and a few improvised means. And the money saved can be spent on other purposes, because the cost of such masks is quite high. Especially if they come from Venice itself.

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