How to make a mini reborn? Master class on creating the head and face of a mini-reborn with your own hands
How to make a mini reborn? Master class on creating the head and face of a mini-reborn with your own hands

Mini reborn is a mini version of dolls for girls. We are all familiar with Barbie or Bratz dolls, but mini reborn dolls are a completely different kind of doll. These are small newborn babies. They are depicted in those positions in which children most often lie, sit or sleep. In a small reborn doll, each wrinkle and part of the baby's body is so accurately and reliably conveyed that sometimes there is a slight embarrassment from almost one hundred percent similarity with a real baby. How to make a mini reborn? Such babies are created by professionals, special clothes are sewn for them. But every lover of the art of modeling clay or plasticine can take on the creation of such a cute mini-reborn.

reborn chrysalis

The first stage of the mini-reborn master class

How to make a mini reborn with your own hands? For this not entirely easy task, tools are needed, stronglyreminiscent of the accessories of any dentist. But the main component of all the work is polymer clay, from which a small baby will be created. The tools needed for creation are shown in the photo.

Creation tools

So, the polymer clay is ready, the tools are laid out. Now let's proceed to the sequential creation of each part of the body of the mini-reborn.

How to make a mini reborn? Order of execution (second stage of the master class)

First of all, we put a small piece of clay on the fourth tool (be guided by the photo above). From it we will form the baby's head. We remove all the irregularities with our fingers, creating a kind of future skull from a piece of clay. We check from all sides for the presence of irregularities and put in order. The penultimate tool (found in the photo above) will help us in creating a smooth surface.

Next, the most recent tool is used. We turn the future head to face us and outline with lines the locations of the eyes, nose and mouth. We tear off a small piece from the clay and place it on the marked place of the nose. The second tool will help in better shaping it (look in the photo above). Using the same tool, create recesses for the eyes. We tear off three more pieces from our main piece of clay, make small pancakes from two and stick the cheeks in place. The remaining piece should be of a longitudinal shape, which will go to the place of the future forehead. Using the second and penultimate tools, smooth out all the bumps and give the face smooth plump features. Now you know,how to make a mini-reborn, or rather, his face.

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