Cool DIY crafts
Cool DIY crafts

How great it is to fill the space of the house with handmade crafts! On the one hand, this is a whole modern art, which is called hand made. It requires certain skills, skill and time. On the other hand, there are many cool crafts that are quite simple, but exquisite and unique. Even a child can do them.

Tulip in "Origami" technique

This interesting, informative, and also developing imagination and logical thinking technique appeared in Japan a long time ago. Although the name “origami” was invented only at the end of the 19th century, they learned how to make cool paper crafts with their own hands much earlier. Nowadays, this activity has become very popular in many countries.

From paper you can make flowers, animals, birds, objects, equipment. There are inflatable, modular, composite, movable varieties of crafts.

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We will show you how to make a paper tulip. The process of making this flower is quitesimple. We will need 2 sheets of square-shaped colored paper for the bud (you can take red, yellow or pink) and green for the stem with a leaf.

  1. Fold a sheet of paper intended for a bud along two diagonals. A sheet came out, divided by lines into 4 equal parts.
  2. Now you need to bend the sheet along the vertical and horizontal axes. Press well so that all the folds are clear. Expand, but do not straighten. Lay the sheet so that the center "looks" up (like the roof of a house). We should get 4 equilateral triangles, each of which has a middle dividing line (bisector).
  3. Next, you need to take two opposite bisectors with your fingers and press them one to the other. You should get an equilateral three-dimensional triangle, in which the sides consist of two planes.
  4. Next, take the corners of the bases of the first triangle with your fingers and apply them to the top. We press the fold points. Flip the triangle over to the other side and repeat the steps. It turns out a small rhombus folded several times.
  5. Open it so that the corners made in steps 3 and 4 move to the middle of the craft. You will get the same rhombus, but now its sides will be solid.
  6. Next, bend each of its faces so that the corner of one is inserted into the other. We perform this operation on both sides of the rhombus. The result is a figure very similar to a folded (flat) tulip.
  7. There should be a hole at the bottom of it. We blow into it so that the flower becomes voluminous.
  8. After that, you need to gently bend"petals" to give our "tulip" the look of an opening flower.

Making a leaf and stem:

  1. Fold a square-shaped sheet diagonally and open again.
  2. From both sides, fold 2 corners to the center. Should be a diamond.
  3. From the side that folded first, fold the corners again towards the center.
  4. Fold the figure in half along the horizontal axis, and then along the vertical one.
  5. Remove the stem and flatten the leaf.
  6. Put a tulip bud on the stem.
cool DIY crafts

Holiday decorations

Cool crafts for the New Year and for any other holiday, created by yourself, are more valuable than bought.

It is especially interesting to make something on the eve of the winter holidays, because the atmosphere itself is already filled with magical energy, creative inspiration.

Volume balloons

You will need the following materials:

  • Paper (white, color, any).
  • Glue.
  • Needle and thread.
  • Tape.
  • Sequins, glitters.
  • Scissors.

Ball 1.

  1. It is necessary to draw 14-20 circles on paper using a round pattern.
  2. Cut out round components, stack them in a pile and sew with a needle and thread in the center.
  3. Spread circles.
  4. Glue in pairs the upper and lower parts of adjacent semicircles.
  5. Leave to dry.
  6. Smear the resulting "recesses" with glue and cover with sparkles(glitter).
  7. Attach a ribbon to the craft.

Ball 2.

funny paper crafts
  1. Cut paper strips of different colors, lengths and widths.
  2. Glue the beginning and end of each of them to get round rings.
  3. Connect all the rings with a needle and thread to make a ball.
  4. Attach a ribbon at the top.

Christmas trees made of felt

With the help of this material, you can make a lot of cool DIY crafts of various nature (tree, flower, animal, car, doll and others). These will be products with a flat base, which will be given volume by various decorations (buttons, sequins, beads, beads, braid).

funny crafts for the new year

From the green felt it is necessary to cut out a large isosceles triangle, and from the brown felt - the middle rectangle (the leg of the Christmas tree). Decorate the triangle (by sewing or gluing) with the above decorative items. At the top, attach a loop-fastener from the tape.


How to make cool crafts that can decorate the Christmas tree, as well as the space at home, office, school, kindergarten? Very simple. For example, a voluminous cone is performed quite easily and quickly.

Materials required:

  • Styrofoam ball (can also be made from crumpled paper).
  • Colored paper or cardboard.
  • Glue.
  • Pencil.
  • Ruler.
  • Tape.
  • Scissors.

The work algorithm is as follows:

  1. From paper or cardboard, you need to cut strips 2.5 centimeters wide.
  2. Cut each blank across so that you get squares 2.5x2.5 centimeters.
  3. Add the corners of each resulting square blank so that an arrow comes out.
  4. After the components of the cones are ready, you can start gluing them to the ball. Do it in layers, starting from the bottom row.
  5. Cut out leaves from green cardboard (or other material) and attach them to the top of the workpiece.
  6. Fix tape.

It turned out to be quite a spectacular decoration. The size of the bump can be adjusted as you wish.

3D Snowflake

On a cardboard circle you can make a cool craft - a snowflake. She looks pretty nice. To give it even more brightness, the central part of the blank can be decorated with rhinestones.

We will need:

  • Colored thick paper (plain, with ornaments) or cardboard.
  • Glue.
  • Ribbon or braid.
  • Scissors.
cool paper crafts with your own hands

Work flow:

  1. A base circle with a diameter of 10-15 centimeters is cut out of cardboard.
  2. From thick paper or cardboard, you need to cut 14 squares measuring 2.5x2.5 centimeters and the same 3x3 centimeters.
  3. On each blank, glue the diagonally opposite corners with an overlap to get small "tubes".
  4. On the basis of outline the center, apply glue to the surface. Starting with largeglue tubes. This is done sequentially, each workpiece is placed tightly one to the other. There may be several rows. Small blanks are glued on top of large ones.
  5. If desired, decorate the snowflake with sparkles, rhinestones and other decorative details.
  6. Attach ribbon.

Vase or glass bottle candle holder

This work will be interesting for adults and children of school age. Since stained glass paints are used here, everything must be done accurately and accurately.

how to make cool crafts

The coolest crafts come out when slightly non-standard materials are used. For example, as a base for a vase or candlestick, take a glass bottle of milk or kefir.

You will also need:

  • Disappearing marker (felt pen).
  • Acrylic outlines (several colors).
  • Stained glass paints.
  • Jewelry (rhinestones, sequins, beads).


  1. Using a disappearing marker and a stencil, apply a pattern to the surface of the bottle (ornament, miniature landscape, people, flowers, hearts, and so on).
  2. Outline the lines, closing each element of the composition.
  3. Let dry.
  4. Rotating the blank bottle, gradually fill in the details of the picture with stained glass paints.
  5. Let dry.
  6. Decorate with rhinestones.

The effect is amazing - an ordinary milk bottle turns into a chic vase. It will be a great gift for mom, sister, grandmother, teacher.

Decoration fromfabrics

Cool crafts are made from scraps of various fabrics: hairpins, brooches, boutonnieres and so on. We will show you how to make a rose from chiffon.

For work you will need:

  • Colored chiffon - a strip 35-40 centimeters long and 4-5 centimeters wide.
  • For leaves chiffon green - a strip of 15x5 centimeters;
  • Fabric glue (or PVA).
  • Stencil in the form of circles of different diameters.
  • Candle.
  • Scissors.
  • Toothpick.
the funniest crafts

The sequence of actions is as follows:

  1. Applying the stencils to the fabric, cut out many circles of different sizes. These will be the petals of the future rose.
  2. Cut out leaves in the same way (2-4 pieces).
  3. On the candle, process the edges of the fabric blanks (so that the threads do not crumble).
  4. Starting with the largest petals, form a rose with glue and a toothpick (carefully fix the glued parts).
  5. Roll the smallest ones into a bud and also glue them to the center of the rose.
  6. Attach leaves at the base of the flower.

If desired, you can decorate the petals with sparkles, put a bead inside. And attach an automatic hairpin, a mace for a brooch or a ribbon to the fabric flower itself.


Performing such crafts will be a joyful process, and the results will give a lot of positive emotions. Many people quite rightly believe that an individual item made with love will be a more pleasant gift than purchased ready-made.

Also thisa great way to realize creative energy, develop imagination, hone skills in applied business. And just a great pastime with loved ones, children.

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