DIY Festive Hat: Tips and Tricks
DIY Festive Hat: Tips and Tricks

The tradition of putting on a festive cap came to us from America. It was there that it was originally customary to "fool" children and adults who came to a children's birthday. Over time, the fashion for caps of various types was adopted by the countries of Europe and Russia. Bright and cheerful hats, of course, are liked not only by children, but also by adults.

Buy or make?

Of course, a huge variety of caps are sold in stores, but it is quite possible to make them yourself. You can make this festive headdress in just a few minutes, saving you time and money. This does not require the use of expensive materials or special skills.

If we are talking about a children's holiday, then you can involve your child in creating a festive cap.

how to make a party hat

Don't forget that it should be bright and bring a positive mood to everyone around.


In order to make a festive cap with your own hands, you will need cardboard or thickdecorative paper. As well as handy materials such as scissors, pencil, glue, double-sided tape, glue gun or stapler.

You will also need any beautiful fabric, satin ribbons of any width, self-adhesive film, corrugated and colored paper, paints, pencils. In addition, take into service all kinds of buttons, rhinestones, shiny sequins, jewelry.

DIY holiday hat

In order to keep your cap well on your head, you will need elastic bands or ribbons. For complete convenience, it is better to attach the elastic band from the inside with tape, glue or a stapler. The rubber bands themselves can be purchased at any embroidery and sewing store or stationery store.

It will take patience and a little imagination

Naturally, you will have a question about how to make a festive cap quickly and beautifully. Making this holiday decoration is not at all difficult. The cap itself will turn out no worse than the purchased one, and perhaps even better. After all, you yourself can make exactly the option that you want to see, based on your taste and creative idea.

So, let's start making a cap for the holiday. There is a fairly simple and quick option for creating such a headdress according to a template. The finished template with a picture can be printed on a color printer.

party hat

Then you need to attach the template to the cardboard, circle it with a pencil and cut it out. After that, you should roll up and connect the two edges of the workpiece with each other with any means at hand convenient for you. Making holeson the sides of the cap and retract the rubber band. Now it remains only to decorate the festive cap according to your taste and desire.

Let's consider another option for creating a beautiful cap. To begin with, we take as a basis cardboard or thick paper measuring 30 by 45 centimeters and fold it into a cone shape. Then you need to fasten the edges with glue or a stapler, fixing them together. Now you just have to cut off the protruding paper. And on this your holiday cap is almost ready. It remains only to decorate the accessory for the celebration. This can be done in absolutely different ways, depending on the theme of the holiday, the age of the audience, imagination and the materials at hand.

Ways to decorate elegant hats

Interestingly, for the New Year holidays, you can use a variety of Christmas tree decorations, such as tinsel and foil. You can also make a pompom and rain cap base.

To make a personalized cap for yourself or guests will be obtained from a photograph previously printed on a printer and pasted onto the cap. Or, use your imagination and fantasy by decorating the headdress with colored paper appliqué, or just paint it with bright colors.

Making a collage from clippings of glossy magazines or, for example, the remnants of wallpaper will be an entertaining job for you. You can also decorate a festive cap (photo provided below) by gluing it with fabric or ribbons.

party hat photo

The last thing to do is decorate it with sparkles and rhinestones.

Handmadeelegant and colorful caps will be a good decoration for any holiday and will certainly give everyone a joyful mood, regardless of age and preferences.

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