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Potholder "Strawberry" to create a kitchen atmosphere
Potholder "Strawberry" to create a kitchen atmosphere

The mood of the kitchen is created by accessories. Jars, napkins, tablecloths and potholders. By the way, the last needlewomen can create their own. For example, sew or knit. Moreover, it is better to make them in the form of berries or fruits. One option may be a crochet "Strawberry" potholder. For her, it is recommended to choose a yarn of a suitable color.

potholder strawberry

Simple potholder "Strawberry"

Here is the algorithm:

  • Cast on a braid of three air loops with red yarn. Connect it into a ring.
  • Next, knit in a circle 6 single crochet.
  • The next row must be created from 12 of the same columns, that is, two must be knitted in each loop.
  • In the third row, it is supposed to start knitting the nose of the strawberries. In one of the loops, instead of a single crochet, knit: a single crochet, two air ones and another single crochet.
  • The rest of the circles also consist of similar columns. Only in the arch of the spout, perform the same set of elements: a single crochet, two air ones and another column.
  • Finishknitting is necessary at the moment when the base of the Strawberry potholder reaches the required size.
  • For an additional thickness of the product, it is recommended to make another of the same part.
  • Connect the two halves with a pico or crab step. It is better to perform this knitting with yarn of a lighter shade.
  • Embroider grains with black thread.
  • According to any scheme, tie three leaves and sew them to the top of the strawberry.

Openwork tack

potholder crochet strawberry

Strawberries can be not only solid. It can be made on the basis of an openwork pattern. Moreover, the work begins with the green part of the berry, that is, with the leaves.

Cast on 26 sts. Close them in a ring. Eleven of them will remain for the loop, from the rest, knit the pattern in a circle.

A row of connecting posts.

In each vertex, make two double crochets, tie an air stitch between them.

From each arch of the air loop, make a fan of three double crochets. You need to skip such a fan only in the side seams of the crocheted “Strawberry” potholder.

In the next round, change the yarn to red and knit the same fans. Only their number should decrease by one on each side of the product in each row.

Only one fan should remain in the ninth row.

potholder strawberry scheme

Another openwork tack

As in the previous Strawberry potholder pattern, work begins with a green thread. She is supposed to dial a chain of 16 loops. Change yarn to redfourth round.

The first of these will be the following pattern: 3 lifting loops,3 more air loops for the pattern, 3 double crochets (CH), an arch of 8 air, 3 CH, 3 air, 6 CH, repeat work from the sign, only instead of 6 CH do 5.

Second: on each arch of three loops, knit - 3 CH, 3 air, 3 CH; on an arch of eight loops 13 CH; between these patterns, perform three air loops; there should be 4 air stitches above the six double crochets to hold the two halves of the Strawberry potholder together.

Third: repeat the pattern along the edges of the strawberry halves; on 13 CHs, perform them the same, but separated by one air loop.

Fourth circle: repeat the contour pattern; in the middle of the strawberry, start a pattern from arches - a pico of 3 air loops attached to the arches of the previous row with single crochets (SB).

Fifth to thirteenth: Gradually reduce the number of picos by one.

Fourteenth circle: Outline patterns are SB attached to the top of a single arch.

In the fifteenth, the contours should close, that is, there is no need to perform air loops between them.

In the sixteenth circle, one should be left from the fans along the edges.

Final circle: only one fan out of three CHs.

It remains to sew a loop and decorate your kitchen.

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