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Crochet: interesting ideas for the home. How to crochet a basket? crochet potholders
Crochet: interesting ideas for the home. How to crochet a basket? crochet potholders

Knitting is not only useful, but also a very interesting hobby. It allows you to decorate the house with a thing that will be one of a kind. Even if a knitter takes someone else's master class as a basis, her thing will still turn out different. After all, you can always use a different color and type of yarn. And if you combine the remains of balls, you will be able to create an original and even creative product. You just need to want!

In the presented article - some interesting crochet ideas for the home. Detailed instructions, tips and diagrams will help even novice craftswomen make a really spectacular and useful little thing.

crochet pillow

Round tack

For housewives who love to pamper their family with various goodies, this is one of the most needed things. It is not necessary to buy it, because the potholder can be made independently. For this you need:

  • tangle knittingthread;
  • comfortable hook (preferably equal to the thickness of the yarn);
  • any filler.

When everything is ready, you can start crocheting potholders. To do this, follow:

  1. Wind (2 turns) the thread around your finger and carefully pull it off. Got a loop?
  2. Tie it with 4 single crochets and tighten to close the center.
  3. Knit further in a circle, periodically adding loops, making sure that you get an even circle. You don't need to make it too big. Enough 15×15 cm.
  4. When you reach the desired parameters, break the thread and tie it so that the potholder does not unravel.
  5. By analogy, tie the same circle.
  6. Put them together, remembering to put filler between them. And carefully tie.
  7. Make a loop for easy hanging.
potholder crochet

Simple square tack

To make this product, you will need everything that was described in the previous master class. However, the principle of operation will be different:

  1. In this case, the crochet potholder is a straight, long piece of fabric, which is then joined on three sides. Therefore, the first step is to determine the width, that is, the number of starting loops.
  2. Then just knit the desired number of rows, break and fasten the thread.
  3. Fold the canvas in half, make a layer of filler, tie and add a loop.

If desired, both options for crafts can be decorated with appliqué. The main thing is not to make it too voluminous. Else usepotholder for the intended purpose will be inconvenient.

Fancy basket

Experienced needlewomen are convinced: if you have learned to knit mugs, then you can do whatever your heart desires. And if this statement is rather controversial regarding the implementation of knitted clothes, then in the case of crafts for the home - the true truth.

Doubt it? Then we suggest considering a simple master class that will explain how to crochet a basket. Before moving on to creativity, it is worth preparing:

  • knitting thread or twine;
  • hook suitable for size;
  • clothesline or tourniquet (the footage depends on the desired size of the craft).

As you can see, all materials and tools are quite accessible. Perhaps you have already guessed the principle of work? If not, then the instruction is especially for you:

  1. The first step is to decide what shape your basket will be. It should be noted right away that the round is much easier and faster to perform. If the choice fell on her, then the first step would be to prepare a bottom mug similar to a potholder, only larger. If you are interested in how to crochet a basket with a square base, then you should start by forming a square. The length of its side must be determined independently. It is also important to clarify that your task is to tie a rope or a tourniquet. That is, you make a single crochet in such a way that you grab the rope. At the same time, depending on the thickness of the thread, it will either simply close, or will be visible as an interesting design solution.
  2. Having prepared the bottom, proceed totying the walls of the basket. Dealing with the challenge is very easy. Indeed, in this case, you need to knit in a circle, without increases and decreases. Whether your bottom is round or square.
  3. Having risen to the desired height, you should add handles. To do this, determine their location and width, then knit the required number of air loops. As a result of the described manipulations, you will get holes. These are the pens!
  4. Since we are learning about crochet technology (interesting ideas for the home are easy to implement with this tool), it is important to mention decor. There are several ways to make your cart unique. For example, knit a flower or embroider it with beads and glass beads. You can also make a muzzle.
crochet basket

Round napkin

As you know, beauty, style, originality lie in the details. That is why you can refresh the atmosphere by making a few lace napkins. If you are still an inexperienced needlewoman, then you can limit yourself to making a colorful or striped circle, connected with ordinary single crochets. You can also use different textured or multi-colored threads. Most needlewomen prefer gradient yarn. It does not cause difficulties when working and helps to create an original little thing.

Openwork napkin

Have you practiced on the easy version? Then you can move on to something more spectacular! If you have mastered the basic skills of work or the previous version seems too simple for you, we offer a diagram and description of a beautiful napkincrochet.

crochet doily


Practically all needlewomen, having mastered the technology of the skill being studied, first of all begin to make rugs. In most cases, the work is original, but somewhat monotonous. Mostly, craftswomen make striped round or rectangular products using leftover yarn or clothes cut into thin strips.

However, more creative crafts for the home have gained popularity recently.

crochet rug

Crocheting the little thing shown in the photo does not involve complex manipulations. Indeed, at the heart of the work are mugs that are well known even to beginners, just of different sizes. You should start knitting such a rug from the base, that is, from the rug itself. The length of its circumference depends on your wishes. The same can be said about the appearance of the rug. Who will it be - a bear, a cat, a bunny or another animal?


Another interesting and, undoubtedly, useful little thing is a pillow. Are you interested in how to crochet the little things shown in the photo at the beginning of the article for the home? Then we offer step by step instructions. It begins with a list of the necessary materials and tools. This is:

  • yarn of several colors (preferably soft to the touch and hypoallergenic);
  • hook corresponding to the thickness of the knitting thread;
  • filler;
  • needle and thread.

When everything is ready, get to work:

  1. Knit a round pillow. The principle of execution is similar to tack,which we studied earlier. Don't forget to stuff it well and sew it up.
  2. Now tie the proboscis of the elephant. To do this, form a small circle and then knit in a spiral without increases or decreases. Having reached the desired length, in the next 10 rows, gradually increase the circumference by adding a few loops. Stuff and sew on.
  3. Tie the eyes and pupils, make a bow if desired. Sew on.
  4. Knit 2 "skirts" (openwork or plain). These are ears. Sew them on.


Based on the previously studied basket, you can crochet an interesting idea for the home, shown in the photo below.

crochet ottoman

This will require:

  • yarn in several colors;
  • hook, the diameter of which is equal to the thickness of the thread;
  • filling (you can use an old blanket or pillows).

The principle of crochet for home creative crafts is as follows:

  1. Prepare a circle of the desired diameter. Just in case, count the number of rows, because you will have to knit a similar circle at the end.
  2. Bottom circumference ready? Then lift the walls, moving in a circle without increases or decreases.
  3. After that, gradually reduce the circumference by knitting 2 loops together. The main thing is to do it smoothly so as not to tighten the product.
  4. When 15-20 rows remain, stuff your ottoman well. And after that, tie the little thing to the end.
  5. Tie the ears, eyes and pupils, decorate the muzzle. Again, you can take as a basisany animal.

Bean bag chair

Considering the topic "Crochet: interesting ideas for the home", you can not ignore the product, which is shown in the main photo of this article. After all, this is everyone's favorite bean bag chair! It is remarkable not only because it is very convenient, but also because it is quite simple to perform. But let's not get ahead of ourselves, first we will prepare everything necessary for the creative process. This is:

  • yarn (since the craft is based on a pear, the color should be red, yellow or green, although a creative approach is also acceptable);
  • hook corresponding to the thickness of the thread;
  • filler;
  • cardboard, scissors and pencil.

When everything is ready, you can proceed to the implementation of the idea:

  1. First you need to draw on cardboard and cut out a circle that will be equal to the desired size of the bottom of the bean bag. You can skip this step, but then the product will be unstable.
  2. Then knit a circle of the same size, increase it by another 5-10 rows.
  3. Insert a cardboard bottom into it and continue to knit, making 5-7 increases every 10 rows.
  4. After you start to reduce the diameter of the circle. To do this, in each row you need to make 4-5 decreases. But first, it is recommended to stuff a bean bag chair.
  5. At the end, you need to switch to a brown thread, tie a branch, moving in a circle, break the thread and fasten it well. Then slightly fluff the product, giving it the desired shape.

Cup coasters

coasters for glasses

In the modern world, rarely does anyone cover the tables in the living room or hall with oilcloth. However, glasses should not be placed on a polished surface either - this can lead to streaks. What to do?

The final paragraph of this article, also devoted to the topic "Crochet for the kitchen and at home", will help to cope with the problem. In it you can see the photo idea of ​​the original coasters for glasses. They are knitted in a circle, like many other described crafts.

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