How to weave figures from rubber bands: a bee, a strawberry, a kitten
How to weave figures from rubber bands: a bee, a strawberry, a kitten

If you are interested in how to weave rubber bands, arm yourself with detailed instructions and try your hand at this fascinating business - it is quite possible that after a few trial work you will be able to create your own Santa Claus or a beautiful doll. We offer you step-by-step descriptions of weaving the simplest, but very stylish figures.

how to weave figures from rubber bands


To make your own bee keychain or pendant (you can also use these hard-working babes for home decor), you'll need black, yellow, and white rubber bands. Yellow can be replaced with lemon or orange. For those who are interested in how to weave figures from rubber bands without a loom, this instruction will come in handy: to create small toys, you only need a hook.

First steps

  • Throw a black elastic band over the hook, twistedeight.
  • Hook two yellow or orange elastic bands with the tool, drop all the black loops from the hook on them.
  • Pick up the new black Fanny Lum, drop all loops on it.
  • Repeat previous steps.
  • On the last elastic band, drop all the remaining loops on the hook. You will be left with two black loops, from which you need to make a ring. To do this, pull the left half of the black elastic through the right.

Shutting down

how to weave figures from rubber bands for weaving
  • Cut the resulting large loop in half with scissors.
  • Insert your hook into the middle black elastic.
  • Crochet two white Fanny Looms and pull them through the black loop to make wings.

The bee is ready.


To learn how to weave rubber bands resembling real vegetables and fruits, just refer to the materials of thematic forums and stock up on a standard set of elastic bands and crochet. Although some (usually the most complex) figures are made on special machines, all you need to create a cute strawberry is red and green "Fanny Lum" and a crochet hook.

First stage

  • Put the red elastic band on the hook in three turns.
  • Hook two new red "Fanny Lum" with the tool and drop all the loops on them.
  • Throw the loop from your finger to the hook, then repeat the previous steps twice.

Second stage

asweave figures from rubber bands photo
  • Crochet two green elastic bands, drop the loops on them from the tool, then repeat these steps again. If you are wondering how to weave figures from rubber bands, you should keep in mind that many operations will have to be repeated several times in order to achieve the desired symmetry of the figure.
  • Crochet three red loops from the beginning of weaving, then two new red rubber bands. Drop the loops on them from the tool and repeat all the steps described again.
  • Crochet the green "Fanny Lum" and drop all the rubber bands from the tool onto it. Make a loop. Now, if desired, this voluminous strawberry can be used as a pendant, keychain, or even a decoration for a miniature Christmas tree.


Cute cat will be a wonderful gift for true friends. To make it, you will need elastic bands of only two contrasting shades, however, if you wish, you can diversify the color scheme of the product and bring your own innovations to the weaving method. As an example, purple and pink "Fanny Lum" are taken. Additionally, you will need a hook, filler (as for soft toys) and a pair of black beads. Those who are curious about how to weave figures from rubber bands on a loom will be especially interested in this pretty little thing; it is made on a classic slingshot.

Where to start

how to weave figures from rubber bands on a loom
  • Like most figurines, the kitten weaves starting from its hind legs. Dial a regular lumigurumi ring fromsix loops, then add new rubber bands and increase the foot to a dozen loops. For this purpose, two "Fanny Lum" are carried out in each loop of the row.
  • In the same way, weave six rows. Each will contain twelve purple rubber bands.
  • Repeat the previous steps and make the second paw of the kitten. Already now you can fill them with padding polyester or any other filler for soft toys.
  • Connect the legs with a hook. Thus, you will get one part with a row of twenty-four loops. Weave two more rows.
  • In the eleventh row you need to add four "Fanny Lum". If you already know how to weave elastic bands, it will not be difficult for you to add one purple elastic band on the sides and one each in the first and last loop of the row.
  • The next 13 rows are made unchanged. Each should have 28 loops.

How to finish the figurine

  • Starting from the twenty-fifth row, weaving is completed, so it will be necessary to reduce the number of elastic bands. Remove "Fanny Lum" from those fragments where they were added earlier, that is, on the sides, front and back. One row can be spun without change.
  • For those who feel confident enough about the technique of making such toys, it will be clear how to weave figures from rubber bands further. In the new row, remove four elastic bands again, and then continue working without changes for two more rows.
  • Attach eyes with black beads using rubber bands. Now the whole body canfill with synthetic winterizer or cotton wool. The top of the figurine is connected by ordinary weaving.
  • To make the spout, take three pink rubber bands, wind them around the hook and pull the fourth "Fanny Lum" through all the loops. Attach the spout to the toy, "embroider" the mouth with the same pink rubber bands.
  • The front paws are made separately: put on the hook a ring of five purple rubber bands and weave them in the usual way for five rows. Attach the legs to the body by making simple eyelets.
how to weave figures from rubber bands without a loom

It is not necessary to use only text instructions in order to learn the technique of needlework and understand how to weave figures from rubber bands. Photos in step-by-step descriptions and video tutorials on popular YouTube channels will help you understand all the intricacies of this exciting hobby.

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