Cost of 50 kopecks in 2003: a treasure or an ordinary trifle?
Cost of 50 kopecks in 2003: a treasure or an ordinary trifle?

Most people have some kind of hobby. And often numismatics becomes such. Someone in archaeological excavations seeks out ancient coins, someone is fond of collecting weather collections, where there are monetary units of all issued denominations for a certain period. And there are those who collect only rare coins, including those issued in modern Russia. And these instances are sometimes very, very expensive. Moreover, a solid amount of money can be obtained for a seemingly ordinary coin that you could be given for change in a store.

Quite often, numismatists show interest in such a banknote as a coin of 2003, 50 kopecks. Therefore, in this article we will try to consider this particular product of the mints. It was produced in Moscow and St. Petersburg. The cost of 50 kopecks in 2003 will depend on its safety. Naturally, den. a sign in excellent condition will be more expensive than one that has already been exposed to water and rust.

Description of the banknote

First, let's see what this coin is. It is a disc in shapewhich Kant appears. It is made of yellow steel. According to the standard, it should be magnetic. The edge of the coin is smooth. Its weight is 4.4 grams, diameter is 24 mm. The obverse depicts George the Victorious. Under the hoof of his horse is the mark of the mint. This is, in principle, the main difference between the two types of banknotes. So, the specimens minted at the Moscow Mint have the letter “M” stamped on them, while those minted in St. Petersburg have the letter “S-P”. Oddly enough, but it is this small difference that also affects the cost of 50 kopecks in 2003. However, the difference is not so great.

coin 2003, 50 kopecks

How much?

Basically, you can sell this copy at face value, that is, 50 kopecks. But, recall, there are numismatists who collect weather cards. Of course, they want only excellent quality coins in their collections. Therefore, copies of the excellent preservation of the Moscow Mint can be sold for 10 rubles, and St. Petersburg - for 20.

cost of 50 kopecks in 2003

Maybe it's a treasure?

From time to time in various sources you can find information that the cost of 50 kopecks in 2003 ranges from 500 to 2000 rubles. It all depends on the mint. In fact, this is an unconfirmed opinion of newcomers to numismatics. The thing is that many people confuse this coin with others. So, in 2003, indeed, rare coins were issued, for which you can get very good money. But their face value is 1, 2 and 5 rubles. In addition, at the auction you can also sell a coin of 50 kopecks for100-200 thousand rubles. But the year of its release is not 2003, but 2001. And the banknote we are considering is still quite inexpensive and is of value mainly only as a bargaining chip in the store.

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