How to make crafts from vegetables with your own hands?
How to make crafts from vegetables with your own hands?

An interesting solution that is suitable for the harvest festival, and if you connect your imagination, then for other occasions, are children's crafts from vegetables. With their own hands (after a short training), even a not very skilled child can repeat them. The pleasant moment will be that such a product will not require large financial costs, but it will look quite original.

Let's consider step by step how to make crafts from vegetables with your own hands. First of all, we look into the refrigerator, basement and other places where we store food. As a last resort, when we understand what we need, we run to the store. "Turn on" the fantasy and think about what the available vegetables look like. If imagination is not enough, you can use our tips. Now there is very little left - to bring the idea to life!

Ready Ideas

DIY vegetable crafts

Let's try together to figure out which DIY vegetable crafts are the easiest to make. Ask the children to imagine. They usually do it much better than adults.

The following are ideas for DIY vegetable crafts, sorted alphabetically (by the first letter of the name of the main component).

Eggplant can be used to make penguins, for example. To do this, it is necessary to cut off the side opposite the tail (it will become the beak) at a slight angle so that the bird stands, leaning slightly forward. We clean part of the skin so that we get a breast, make an incision for the wings and bend it up a little. So that the flesh of the vegetable does not darken, the places unprotected by the peel should be rubbed with s alt. It remains to make eyes, for

DIY vegetable crafts for kids

this can use beads. By the way, you can build paws from a piece of carrot. Create a few birds and no one can take their eyes off your vegetable craft. With your own hands, a small child is unlikely to be able to carefully cut the eggplant peel, so be sure to help him.

If you have a head of cauliflower lying around in your refrigerator, you can use it to make sheep. A whole head of cabbage can make a big animal. If you disassemble it into inflorescences, you get a whole flock. Sheep heads can be made from olives, and legs from matches.

how to make crafts from vegetables with your own hands

Another version of crafts, however, already from fruits - the head of Baba Yaga. It can be used in various arrangements or as a Halloween room decoration. In order to make the head as in the photo, we take a large hard apple, cut off the peel, leaving a littleponytail for a hat. We draw facial features with a felt-tip pen, make sure that they are large, cut them out with a knife. We lower the workpiece for half a minute into a mixture of a glass of lemon juice and a teaspoon of s alt. We take out, wipe and place in a warm place. A week later we get a charming face.

Fantasy, experiment, and you will certainly make original crafts from vegetables with your own hands. Moreover, it is not necessary to wait for teachers' assignments for this. After all, you can make a gift to loved ones - they will definitely like it!

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