Knitting a bib - some useful tips
Knitting a bib - some useful tips

When the cold comes, many mothers begin to worry - how to protect the child from the cold, while not constraining his movements? It is unlikely that someone will be

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claim that a scarf is the best piece of clothing. In small children, he constantly moves out, while the big ones try to take it off as soon as possible when the parents do not see. Try to offer your child a fashionable, beautiful and comfortable alternative to scarves and sweaters - a shirt-front. Moreover, even beginner needlewomen can create it.

The history of the shirtfront

Initially, this piece of clothing was considered exclusively male. For example, in the 16th century, the strong sex wore white bibs richly embroidered with jewels. They were decorated with a huge amount of lace and ruffles.

The knitting of shirt-fronts became especially popular in the 20th century. At this time, a large number of fashionistas realized the charm of this accessory and began to order them everywhere from the craftswomen of that time.

Today shirt-fronts are ubiquitous: along with women's shirts you can meet

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men's and also children's copies. They differ not only in color, but also in a variety of options.

Knitting method

Work on this piece of clothing begins with the choice of yarn. Soft delicate threads will do. Remember, if you are starting to knit a shirt-front for children, it is important to choose a yarn that will not rub against the delicate skin of the child and will not cause allergic reactions.

There are many ways to make such a winter wardrobe item. You can use raglan manufacturing technologies, partial knitting, the principle of a circular yoke. However, for beginner craftswomen, a pattern for knitting a shirt-front on five circular knitting needles will be simpler.

To calculate the required number of loops, you can knit the sample with the selected threads. According to the resulting fabric, we calculate the density of knitting. It is important to remember that the number of loops must be a multiple of four.

We make a set of rows, distribute the loops on the knitting needles and knit in a circle with an elastic band "two by two" about fifteen centimeters. This will be the gate of the future product. Next, remember the first and last loops on each knitting needle.

Next, we knit the shirt-front as follows. In odd rows after the first and before the last loop on each knitting needle we make a crochet. Even rows are fully knitted. After eight centimeters, we knit two rows with a two-by-two elastic band and close the loops. It remains to steam the finished product, and the shirt-front

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Smallchildren usually do not like to wear clothes over their heads. Therefore, it is preferable for them to knit a shirtfront with a connector at the back, which fastens with buttons. In this case, you can make a margin in the place of the neck circumference, as the child grows, the buttons can be transferred. Then the product will please you and your baby longer.

An indisputable plus for young fashionistas and their mothers is that now your favorite sweaters, even with the complete absence of a collar, can be worn in any weather without fear of catching a cold. A beautiful shirt-front will successfully protect the neck and chest.

In general, such a wardrobe item has a huge number of advantages. Therefore, rather, take the knitting needles and start knitting the shirt-front!

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