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How to prepare for a photo shoot: useful tips. Ideas for a photo shoot in the studio and on the street
How to prepare for a photo shoot: useful tips. Ideas for a photo shoot in the studio and on the street

Photo shoot is a highly anticipated event for both the model and the photographer. The result of the whole event depends on how competently the shooting will be carried out. In order for everything to go smoothly and not be disappointed later, it is very important to know in advance how to prepare for a photo shoot. This article will be devoted to this.

What is preparation and why is it so important?

In fact, the preparation process is not as complicated as it might seem. But the success of the entire meeting between the model and the artist depends on this preliminary stage. There are 3 main questions that need to be resolved immediately before shooting:

  • Place.
  • Style.
  • Clothes.

If all the important nuances are taken into account in a timely manner, then in the process there will be no disagreements that can disrupt the entire shooting. And this, you see, is not necessary for either the photographer or the model.

ideas for a photo shoot in nature
ideas for a photo shoot in nature


A photograph should convey the individuality of a person. Therefore, it is worth choosingclothing style for a photo shoot that will reveal his character and match the idea of the shooting itself. If you manage to create a complete image that combines style, texture and color, then this is already half the battle. A well-thought-out image will look harmonious in the frame, which means that the shooting process will go easily and naturally.

It is important that the style of the person in the frame matches the surroundings. For a photo shoot in the city, casual style is ideal. Indoor photography can be done in a discreet style (such as a blouse and blue jeans), but with the addition of a bright accent. A country photo shoot in nature generally has almost no restrictions - it can be a free country style or a beach theme. If a photo session is planned for a girl in winter, then she can try on the image of a smiling Russian beauty with a bright scarf and rosy cheeks.

it is important to decide on the style of shooting
it is important to decide on the style of shooting

Clothes and shoes

The choice of clothes is directly influenced by the style of the photo shoot and the location. If the situation is key in the frame, then you should not wear bright things and abuse the geometric print. It is better to opt for a dress or jumpsuit with a simple cut. Often, photographers plan to shoot a girl in a chic flowing dress. Here you need to be careful, because a magnificent outfit can merge with the landscape or divert all attention to yourself.

It is advisable for girls of short stature to choose shoes with heels under their clothes, which will visually increase their height. Tall ladies can wear sandals or wedges. Shootingoutdoors may involve bare feet. Feel free to take off your shoes, because stilettos on the field or in the garden will look extremely inappropriate.

The main rule for choosing clothes is to be comfortable in it, otherwise the pictures will turn out to be an inanimate doll in a cocoon of fabric. Shoes and clothing for a photo shoot must be clean, ironed and tidy.

What not to wear for photography

To protect you from possible mistakes when choosing an outfit, we have prepared some tips:

  • Don't wear dark colors when shooting at night. So you risk merging with the sky and becoming a nondescript spot.
  • Clothes that have rhinestones, sequins and sequins on them look cheap and can ruin the frame with their highlights.
  • Say no to leopard prints, big lettering and big bright prints. Such things look awkward in the frame.
  • It is advisable to wear a new new thing at least twice before shooting, so that the thing does not rub and does not squeeze movements. This applies to both shoes and clothing.

It doesn't matter if it's a festive or casual photo shoot, but the outfit should not look gaudy. If you are in doubt about choosing a style of clothing, then use the help of stylists. They will help to avoid disappointment from the received pictures.

Get some sleep the night before the photo shoot
Get some sleep the night before the photo shoot

Accessories and paraphernalia

Both in real life and at a photo shoot, you should not abuse accessories. Putting on all your favorite and expensive jewelry is not the best solution. With the help of small neat earrings and a thin ring, you cangive an image of tenderness. But massive beads, bracelets and necklaces can ruin all the sophistication. Hats should be treated with care. They should not overload the plot. Another thing is if this is an autumn photo shoot for a girl, where a wide-brimmed hat, on the contrary, will emphasize the style.

For example, a neat handbag in a woman's hand, a scarf or an umbrella will be appropriate for city shooting. A photo shoot in nature usually does not tolerate accessories, if this is not intended by the idea. The only thing you can take is a light scarf, a small wicker hat or a mushroom basket. If you and the photographer have found beautiful places for a photo session, then you can not use accessories at all so as not to distract attention from the key background.

do not abuse accessories at a photo shoot
do not abuse accessories at a photo shoot

Makeup and hair

Professional photographers often work in teams with stylists, hairdressers and makeup artists. It is advisable if you seek help from them or third-party specialists. Yes, you can apply makeup for free on your own, but you will not do it as well as professionals. An experienced makeup artist knows the insidiousness of studio and natural light. With the wrong make-up, all skin imperfections can appear in the pictures, and shiny lipstick or an illiterate application of foundation can completely age the face.

Don't forget the brows! They are given special attention. A week before the proposed photo session, visit a good eyebrow master who will correct the eyebrows. It is not recommended to pluck regrown hairs the day before.shooting. Swollen and reddened skin, invisible in the mirror, may clearly appear in the pictures.

Girls with dyed curls should refresh their color a few days before meeting with the photographer. Overgrown roots are not the best thing to be captured in the picture. Under certain lighting, a strong contrast between your own and the acquired hair color will be noticeable. It would also be useful to make an appointment with a hairdresser in advance, who will make a beautiful hairstyle.

makeup for a photo shoot
makeup for a photo shoot

More tips on how to prepare for a photo shoot

Important conditions for proper preparation before shooting:

  • Nice manicure. Clean and well-groomed nails complete the look. This is especially important when shooting portraits. Untidy nails can ruin the whole frame.
  • Tan line. This moment is required for a photo shoot in a swimsuit or without clothes. Make an appointment for a tanning session about a week before your shoot. Untanned underwear stripes look ridiculous.
  • Experiments with appearance. If you want to appear in the photographs in a new way, then any changes should be carried out at least a week before the shooting. So in case of an unsuccessful conversion, you will have time to correct the situation, because experiments do not always end successfully.
manicured nails
manicured nails

What not to do before shooting

How do I physically prepare for a photo shoot?

Before the upcoming photo session, you should definitely get enough sleep and gain strength! A sleepy look, bags under the eyes and a lethargic state will become a serious hindrance.for normal photography.

You shouldn't load yourself with things the day before and on the day of shooting, it's better to relax and unwind. You need to give your best during a photo session, so you will need a lot of energy and a good mood. If music cheers you up, then you can take a player with your favorite tunes with you.

On the eve of the shooting day, it is not recommended to eat a lot of s alty food. It will provoke thirst, and a large amount of liquid drunk can lead to swelling of the face. You should also refrain from alcohol.

Don't forget the time

A photo shoot, like any creative process, takes a lot of time. Ideally, it is better to free up the whole day for shooting and not plan any serious business. Even the simplest photography takes at least 3-4 hours. And if your photo session involves the use of several images and a trip out of town, then it will take even more time. Consider this situation beforehand so you don't have to worry about filming.

Usually, the period of getting used to the camera and the environment takes about 40 minutes. Only after that, the model will be able to fully relax and pose freely. Frames will become more interesting and natural.

In addition, the time for a photo session includes the necessary breaks for the model and the photographer. Despite the apparent simplicity of the filming process, it takes a lot of moral and physical strength. Do not forget to add here the time that the photographer will spend on choosing the best angle, lighting and composition.

plan a few hours for a photo shoot
plan a few hours for a photo shoot


How to mentally prepare for a photo shoot? Often this question is asked by people for whom this will be the first serious shooting by a professional. Of course, if possible, it is necessary to meet with the photographer in person. This is necessary in order to establish contact and discuss all points of interest. If you meet the photographer for the first time already at a photo shoot, then the model is likely to be closed and shy. In this case, you can forget about good shots.

It will be useful to learn and rehearse at home, in front of a mirror, poses for photography. Of course, the photographer will tell you good angles, the position of the body and limbs. But you should have at least three options that seemed beautiful to you in reflection. Trying different poses at home, you will save yourself from excessive stiffness at the photo shoot itself.

how to behave at a photo shoot
how to behave at a photo shoot

How to avoid tightness on set:

  • Don't worry about every bad frame.
  • Set yourself up to overcome shyness.
  • Keep your back straight.
  • Watch the position of the arms and legs.
  • Listen to the photographer's advice.
  • Try to relax and enjoy the process.

Winter photo shoot

There are many options for outdoor photoshoot ideas in winter. For example, you can have a picnic in the forest, under a snow-covered tree, on a warm blanket. Complete the plot with a mug of hot coffee and fluffy mittens. Even a girl sitting alone on an armchair in the middle of a winter forest and wrapped in a bright scarf is alreadyinteresting idea for a frame.

Good shots can be taken against the backdrop of an endless white field or a frozen river. Such a location is ideal for shooting in the style of a love story. For portrait photography, you can use a winter village landscape or abandoned buildings as a background.

Winter fun can serve as an excellent option for a photo shoot in the cold season. A model or several people in the frame can sculpt a snowman, play snowballs, go sledding. Such active games will give a lot of interesting and lively pictures.

winter photo shoot on the street: ideas
winter photo shoot on the street: ideas

Before you plan to shoot in the cold, you need to know how to prepare for a winter photo shoot on the street. Having come up with the look and details, it is important to have extra luggage with you, which includes:

  • Several thermoses with a hot drink.
  • A hearty and nutritious snack food.
  • Extra pairs of mittens and socks.
  • Folding lounge chairs.
  • Excess photo batteries.

If possible, it is advisable to take extra warm clothes, which will allow you to quickly warm up after long shoots.

A great alternative to a winter photo shoot on the street can be shooting in the studio. There you can completely surrender to the filming process, without thinking about the cold. A big plus is the availability of scenery and professional lighting. As an idea for a photo shoot in the studio, you can use a family shoot. You can come to a cozy comfortable room with small children and the elderly.

Photoshoot is a difficult but exciting process that you will remember for a long time. In order to have positive memories, it is important to responsibly approach the stage of preparation for shooting, especially if this is your first experience. Now with the help of our tips, you know how to do it right.

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