How to make a confetti cracker out of paper?
How to make a confetti cracker out of paper?

New Year is an exciting and fantastic holiday. Every time I want to celebrate it in my own way, to bring an original zest to the celebration of this day. To surprise and delight your children, you can buy firecrackers at the store. However, their use is dangerous, and unforeseen situations can overshadow the fun. Try to create simple and bright products yourself. Do-it-yourself paper clapperboard is very easy to make. At the same time, it will definitely become an excellent decoration for the holiday.

how to make a clapperboard out of paper

What supplies do you need?

To make a beautiful craft, you need to prepare a cardboard roll, for example, from used toilet paper, colored and papyrus paper, adhesive tape, glue, thread, rhinestones for decoration and confetti. As filling, you can use mugs of bright colored paper made with a hole punch, small sweets or paper money. In general, what is enough for your imagination.

How to make a clapperboard out of paper?

1. You should start making crafts from the bottom cover of the cracker. To do this, you need to cut a circle out of cardboard so that it completely covers the hole in the pipe. We stick it on colored paper to then attach the remaining ends to the workpiece.

2. Nowwe thread the thread through the center of our cardboard circle, fasten it inside with adhesive tape. This is the part that you will need to pull so that a surprise spills out of the craft.

3. To understand how to make a cracker out of paper, it remains to fill the pipe with confetti and make the top cover. Cut out a circle, cut it along the radius and connect it into a cone. This is the future clapperboard cover. It remains to glue it with the pipe.

4. Our double paper clapperboard will look original if you decorate it with colored or papyrus details on the outside. You can use rhinestones, ribbons or beads of various colors, sizes and textures. We attach all the details of the decor with glue or tape. Here's how to make a DIY paper clapperboard in just a few minutes.

DIY paper clapperboard

How to use the clapperboard?

The colorful firecrackers made can be hung over your head on a rope, at a sufficient distance so that the child can reach the thread. That is why you should not use heavy elements for filling. In the event of an "explosion", they can get into the eyes or in the respiratory tract. It is best to use light confetti. And then, pulling the rope, enjoy the charming view of fluttering paper. Surprise confetti can be purchased at the Stationery store or made on your own using a regular hole punch.

double paper clapperboard


Now you know how to make a clapperboard out of paper. The process of making Christmas decorations will be more interesting if youcreate with the whole family. Children will be happy to make colorful confetti with an ordinary hole punch. Such a cracker can be made of any size: from miniature to huge, it all depends on which pipe will be used in its basis. If you do everything correctly, then the New Year's holiday will definitely succeed, and guests and friends will be surprised and satisfied.

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