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How to make an airplane out of paper: a step by step description with a photo
How to make an airplane out of paper: a step by step description with a photo

All kids love mobile toys that they can do things with. An airplane is ideal for this purpose. It is not necessary to buy an expensive model, because during the flight it can crash and the child will experience resentment and fear that his parents will scold him. It is much easier and faster to make an airplane out of paper. There are many ways to make a paper airplane. Moreover, this work is creative, exciting, any child will like it.

The plane can be folded from a square or rectangular sheet of paper, an old newspaper or an origami magazine. It is interesting to make a team model by drawing individual elements on thick paper in advance. The plane glued from parts looks beautiful. His child can paint on his own with paints or markers.

In the article, we will consider several original options for how to make an airplane out of paper, what materials can be used for such work. If you choose origami products, then firstlearn how to use the sheet bending scheme. If the model is voluminous, then a detailed description of the task will help to cope with the work easier.

Made model

First, let's look at how to make an airplane out of paper, consisting of separate parts. The figure below clearly shows the cut holes in the body through which the wings and tail are inserted. Choose thick paper, not less than 160 g/m2, so that after the first flight the plane is not deformed. Additionally, for strength, each detail can be pasted over with transparent adhesive tape, having previously been painted with gouache paints or felt-tip pens.

prefabricated aircraft

Airplane made of paper is easy to assemble and disassemble, it is convenient to take it with you to nature or on a tourist trip. Details of the place do not take up at all, and the child will be pleased to have a toy on the road. Yes, and you can draw details of any shape as a template, because the plane can be passenger, cargo or military.

Airplane for an exhibition at school

Both schools and kindergartens often organize various exhibitions of children's crafts made from paper or natural material. We bring to your attention an easy version of making an airplane out of paper with your own hands, quite suitable for this purpose. In addition to colored cardboard, you will also need a matchbox, PVA glue and templates.

airplane made of paper and a matchbox

A box of matches is placed in the center between identical rectangular wings with semicircular ends. The body of the aircraft, like its tail section, is made ofthin strip of paper folded in half. A screw cut out separately is glued on the front with PVA glue or a glue stick.

After the work is done, all that remains is to decorate the appearance of the airplane with appliqué. The boys are unlikely to agree to decorate the plane with flowers, so you can give your child complete freedom of choice. These can be stripes or spots of camouflage, the image of the national flag or a red star. Separately, you can glue the chassis wheels from below, then the plane will stand at an angle. If the wings are long, then inserts from strips can be made between them. Then the "corn" will keep its shape perfectly.

Using a bushing

If you run out of a roll of kitchen napkins or toilet paper, then do not throw away the cardboard core. This is a great material for children's crafts. Next, let's look at how to make an airplane out of paper using such a convenient base. The bushing will make a solid body. For a strip of wings, you will have to cut through slots in the center. Excellent details will come out of corrugated packaging cardboard, as well as strong double-sided colored paper. It is better to seal the hole in front of the craft with a circle so that later the screw can be strengthened. If you install it on a pushpin or a decorative nail, bent inside, then the screw will spin. To attach the tail, cuts are also made on the sides and top.

craft plane

It is interesting to cut a small hole in the center and seat the pilot in it. Its function can be performed by a drawn man, assembledfrom the designer "Lego" or cut out of foam rubber. The craft will turn out to be durable, with it the child can safely play in the apartment, and take it with him to the street.

How to make an airplane out of paper, you already understood, but when decorating, you will have to dream up on your own. You can decorate the appearance of the aircraft with an appliqué or paint with markers.

Sturdy model

Let's present you another interesting option for crafting an airplane. The body is represented by an arc of strong paper folded in half. You can use cardboard, or you can glue together several layers of ordinary A-4 sheets. Parts are attached by inserting into the holes cut for the wings and tail.

paper airplane

The manufacturing method is similar to the previous samples, but wheels are added from below. They are first cut out of cardboard, and then fastened to a rod inserted through both sides of the case. Such a craft can be rolled on a table or floor. This version of the aircraft is suitable not only for games, but also for an exhibition at school.

How to make a flying airplane

In order for the plane to fly, it is made of light thin paper using the origami technique. This is the Japanese art of folding a sheet in a special way, as a result of the folds, the selected figure is obtained. It is difficult for small children to cope with such work. From personal experience, I can say that even 5-year-olds find it difficult to clearly align the edges of the sheet, so it is advisable to do such crafts under the clear guidance of either parents or kindergarten teachers.

The main difficulty of origami is the clarity of the folds, the correctnessalignment of corners and sides, accuracy and attentiveness when reading diagrams. First, let's look at how to make an airplane out of paper from successive photographs below.

Step by step explanation

For work, take a rectangular sheet of A-4 format. Paper weight must be at least 100 g/m2. It is more convenient to use a ruler or the back of scissors (round rings) when rubbing the folds, especially if the paper is thick.

origami airplane

First, fold the paper in half vertically to define the center line. Next, bend the two upper corners to it to make a triangle at the end of the workpiece. This fold must be done again so that the nose of the aircraft becomes sharper. In order for the airplane to be held in your hand and launched into flight, you need to bend both wings 1-2 cm from the center line, turning them in different directions. After all the folds are carefully smoothed with improvised means, flight tests can be carried out.

Learning to read diagrams

Most often, origami is made according to the schemes printed in books or on the Internet pages. These are sequentially arranged drawings that show how to make folds. For a better perception of the material, dotted lines and arrows are used to indicate the direction of paper folding. If the sequence is not indicated by numbers, then the diagram is read from top to bottom and from left to right, like normal printed text.

airplane origami diagram

Learning origami, children acquire useful thinking skills, as well as developuseful skills for school. They also learn accuracy and attentiveness, because even a small error of 1-2 mm can distort the craft, make it crooked.

The diagram below shows the sequence of manufacturing an aircraft with pointed corners at the nose of the hull. When flying, they help to increase the duration of the flight distance, which will allow the child to win distance competitions.

Military aircraft

The last origami scheme of the plane is the most complex of the above. But if a child is good at simple models, it is quite possible to try to make a military aircraft. It has a pointed nose and short wings. Initially, the work is carried out similarly to the previous options. A-4 rectangular sheet is folded in half vertically, and then the top corners are folded to the center line, twice.

paper airplane

The blank is folded in half with the flat side up. The upper corners are bent towards the center and the edges are opened in opposite directions. Then the workpiece opens back. It remains only to bend even strips along the entire body at a distance of 1-1.5 cm from the center line so that you can take the airplane in your hand for a throw. This model flies great, and looks more impressive. You can paint a military fighter with camouflage spots or make it from gray paper by sticking stars on the sides of the wings. Even on military aircraft there is a white number. You can show your child photos of real fighters before designing the appearance, so that in the end you getgood model.

In the article, we showed readers how to make an airplane out of paper with their own hands. If you have your own interesting options, share your personal experience in the comments. We would love to hear from you.

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