Amazing origami art: animals. Models for beginners
Amazing origami art: animals. Models for beginners

One of the most interesting and unique types of creativity is making paper figurines without the help of scissors and glue - the Japanese art of origami. Animals, birds, fish and little people made of ordinary colored paper or a banal notebook sheet are easily recognizable and can serve as both children's toys and wonderful souvenirs or wonderful additions to a gift for a friend.

origami animals

Things are not so simple in origami: animals and other figures can even move or perform practical tasks - for example, store small items (candy, beads, seeds) in their bowls or pockets. Try to make an original model with your own hands - and almost certainly you will be carried away by this fashionable and popular hobby from the first time.

How to make a horse

  • To make a cute horse out of paper, take a square sheet and spread it on the table with the colored side up. Fold the sheet in half, bend the fold and unfold it back, then bend it intoopposite direction.
  • Turn paper white side up. Fold the sheet in half, bend the fold and repeat the steps in the opposite direction. The folds should form four lines.
  • Using folds, grab the top three corners of the square and pull them to the fourth, bottom corner. Press down and flatten the model.
  • Pull the outer corners of the top layer of paper to the center line, then fold the top down and bend well, then unfold the model.

Shutting down

  • Cut the center line to the top fold on the top layer.
  • Pull the "legs" up, following the marked folds. In this way, many animal figurines are folded. Origami is built on a single paper handling system.
  • Fold the resulting sections in half towards the center.
  • Turn the model over and repeat the previous steps until you have a kind of bird-tick.
  • Turn the model upside down and bend the "wings", then unfold.
  • Flip back the tips of the "wings". Now this is the head and tail of the horse. The figurine is ready.
origami light animals

Sitting dog

If you're into origami, animals of this level might seem like a no-brainer. However, despite the apparent simplicity of the process, the result is a very realistic figurine, which can be added to the credibility with the help of brown textured paper.

Getting Started

  • Prepare a paper square andlay it out on the table in the form of a diamond with the wrong side up. Fold in half from right to left.
  • Unfold the sheet and make pockets towards the center line.
  • Fold in half.
  • Fold the model fragment approximately in the part where the middle of the figure should be. This is a fairly simple origami technique. Animals made in this way can take the form of a dog, a wolf or a fox.

How to make a model

  • Using the fold, turn over and pin the pleat on the opposite side. Bend and unfold again.
  • To make the nose, bend the model twice, then turn each crease inwards.
  • Fold the pleats inward again.
  • Iron all folds well. Repeat the steps above at the base of the figure to make a tail.
  • Hide the lower part of the tail on both sides under the body of the animal.

The sitting dog is ready.


If you are just starting out with origami, light animals are the perfect choice for you. There is nothing easier than folding a mouse, cat or dog from a standard paper square, but keep in mind that in this case you will only be making the head of the chosen animal. The simplest example is the head of a mouse.

origami animal figurines
  • Take a square sheet of paper, lay it on a table in the shape of a diamond and fold it in half from the top corner to the bottom.
  • Drag the right corner to the center of the resulting triangle, slightly short of the line.
  • Bend back part of the new part so that the extreme corner is looking up. It's a mouse ear.
  • Wrap the bottom fragment of the model under the "head" of the animal.
  • It remains only to finish the eye and nose. Done.

Based on these simple figures, you can invent new animal models yourself. The scope for creativity is limitless, and all you need is paper.

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