Hand made holiday: how to make your own wedding invitations?
Hand made holiday: how to make your own wedding invitations?

Such an important celebration as a wedding is not organized in a hurry. Every detail of the holiday is carefully thought out and prepared. Even such an element as invitations deserves considerable attention, because this is the calling card of the happiest event in your life. Learn how to make your own wedding invitations to make them bright and original.

how to make your own wedding invitations

Wedding Invitation Etiquette

We will start talking about holiday cards not from the wrapper, but from the inside. After admiring the beautiful flowers and beads, the guest opens your message and reads the text, which must be written according to certain rules. It is also worth noting a few more important nuances of wedding etiquette:

  • invitations are handed out a few weeks before the celebration. Guests need time to pick upa gift for you, and festive outfits for yourself. Well, if the invitees are traveling from afar, then they must be notified of the joyful event at least a month in advance;
  • before you make your own wedding invitations, think over the text. It may be different for each guest. For example, when inviting work colleagues, limit yourself to official phrases. For close relatives, a more sincere tone is suitable. Humor lovers will appreciate the playful mood of the invitation. But the older generation will like poetry;
  • the postcard must indicate the place and time of the celebration. If you are planning a wedding in a certain style, then note the dress code requirements on the invitation;
  • names of recipients should preferably be written by hand;
  • inviting guests to a wedding in person or over the phone does not replace the need for cards.

How to make DIY quilling wedding invitations?

This style is insanely popular today, because it allows you to create real masterpieces from improvised means. Quilling is the art of making amazing patterns from thin strips of paper. A kit for this technique can be purchased at the store or made independently. For a postcard you will need:

DIY wedding invitations master class
  1. White thick paper.
  2. Paper in a contrasting color, embossed.
  3. Thin paper for strips.
  4. Glue.
  5. Scissors.
  6. Beads.
  7. Tape.

Cut out a small rectangle from white paper andfold it in half. A rectangle (or other shape), slightly smaller than half of the previous one, will become the background for our picture. It must be attached with glue to a white base. Next, from thin sheets we cut many long strips half a centimeter wide. Using a special quilling stick, we twist a spiral from each strip. Slightly crushing paper snails, you can form the petals of future flowers that will decorate the postcard. This is how do-it-yourself wedding invitations are made. A master class on quilling techniques can be found in specialized publications. The center of the flowers is decorated with a bead. Inside is an invitation printed in a beautiful font or handwritten.

How to make DIY scrapbooking wedding invitations?

how to make DIY birthday invitations

This is another popular style for postcards, scrapbooks, notebooks, diaries. This is an appliqué in various materials, which is perfect for wedding invitations. You will need rectangles of thick white paper and special embossed paper for scrapbooking. Also use ribbon and beads. Glue colored paper onto white paper so that there is a frame around the perimeter. Between the layers it is convenient to place a ribbon, the ends of which are tied into a bow. We decorate the middle of the bow with a bead. You can also use dried flowers, lace and rhinestones in the decor.

The invitation itself is printed on white paper on the reverse side or inserted intopocket, which is easy to make yourself. Scrapbooking is also great for those who don't know how to make DIY birthday invitations.

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