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Toy made by hand. How to sew a soft toy with your own hands: patterns for beginners
Toy made by hand. How to sew a soft toy with your own hands: patterns for beginners

Given the popularity and demand for hand-made goods, a hand-sewn toy will be an excellent gift not only for a child, but also for an adult of any age: it can be presented as a souvenir or interior decoration. It's easy to make something like this. The main thing is to choose a simple pattern, according to your experience.

handmade toy

Popular product options

A hand-sewn toy can be made in the form of a textile doll or an animal, and both products made exclusively for decoration and those that also have a utilitarian function look good. You can choose the option that suits you from the following list:

  • very gentle and romantic tilde dolls;
  • cute and funny coffee toys;
  • functional and fun cat and owl pillows.

In fact, there are many types of toys, including specifically textile dolls. Higherthe most popular and the easiest to make are listed.

how to sew a soft toy with your own hands

Materials and tools

To make a beautiful and neat hand-sewn toy, stock up on the following tools and materials:

  • template, blank, sample (can be printed on a printer);
  • pattern paper;
  • pencil, eraser;
  • scissors;
  • fabric;
  • pins;
  • chalk;
  • needle and thread;
  • filler (synthetic winterizer, holofiber);
  • sewing machine;
  • decorative elements (beads, buttons, ready-made plastic eyes and nose (for animals), satin ribbons, etc.

As you can see, nothing complicated and expensive is required (except perhaps a machine). Most likely, even a beginner needlewoman already has all of the above.

How to sew a soft toy with your own hands: work sequence

Whatever pattern or type of toy you choose, the execution steps will be as follows:

  1. Find a suitable pattern and print it in the right size (1:1) or build it yourself on paper.
  2. sew soft toys with your own hands patterns
  3. Cut out blank parts.
  4. Lay out the elements on the wrong side of the fabric and circle the contours with chalk or remnants. Don't forget to leave some seam allowances.
  5. Cut out fabric pieces.
  6. Connect matching pieces right sides together.
  7. Sew the seams.
  8. Sew the seams on the machine,leaving a small opening for eversion.
  9. If the shape of the part has a lot of rounding, make the allowances very carefully so as not to damage the seam, cuts. This will prevent the fabric from shrinking after being turned inside out.
  10. Perform the inside-out operation from the wrong side to the front.
  11. Fill out the form with filler.
  12. Quietly sew the hole left by hand. If the toy consists of several separate elements, then you make each one separately, and then sew everything together into a finished object.
  13. Sew on additional decor. Embroider or attach finished eyes, nose and other details. The toy is ready.

So you've learned how to sew a soft toy. It is easy to make simple products with your own hands. Of course, in the manufacture of each little thing there will be nuances, for example, it may be necessary to dye white fabric in the desired color for the face, arms, legs, torso. In the manufacture of coffee, or, as they are also called, attic toys, this operation is mandatory. You can dye the fabric both before cutting and after. It depends on the number of elements prepared for painting and the convenience of working in one way or another specifically in your case. In addition, you can make hair for dolls, say, from yarn. On the design of the face, the conversation is generally separate.

Textile dolls

If you decide to sew soft toys with your own hands, you should choose the simplest patterns (of course, if you do not have enough experience). Textile dolls are very popular now. They are made both in the form of realistic people andhumanized animals. Some products may consist of only two parts - the front and back halves of the body, in which the head, arms and legs are made as one whole. Clothes are sewn separately or generally made non-removable, even without a pattern. If experience and time allow, it is better to choose options consisting of individual elements, that is, all parts of the body are performed autonomously, and then the character is assembled from them. Such toys look more realistic and neat.


Everything that was said in the previous section applies to the manufacture of animals. To sew soft toys with your own hands, you can build patterns yourself. If you are not very good at drawing, but do not want to use a ready-made template, try creating a simplified animal pattern, and it is better that all elements are cut out in one piece with the body.

how to sew toys with your own hands for beginners

Coffee toys

Want to learn how to sew toys with your own hands (for beginners, there is nothing difficult here, so don't be scared), which will also be flavored? Then this section is for you. Patterns for these products are taken the most simple. Funny and cute gizmos usually consist of two parts. The base material is white cotton fabric. Coffee toys are also called attic toys, as they resemble souvenirs found in an old chest, darkened from time to time. In order to give the fabric an appropriate brownish tint, the material or cut parts are kept in a decoction of coffee or tea. This, in addition to color, gives moreand pleasant fragrance. Often these toys are painted with acrylic paints with a preliminary primer of the painted fabric, for example, with PVA glue. A facial expression is drawn with a thin brush (as a rule, animals are made in this technique), and various funny inscriptions can also be applied.

sew toys with your own hands patterns for beginners

How to sew toys with your own hands: patterns for beginners

This section presents several options for the simplest patterns. According to the first blank, it is easy to sew a textile doll. It is enough to make a couple of body parts and four arms and legs each, and then follow the instructions above.

sew soft toys with your own hands patterns

If you prefer animal world characters, use one of the options below. The cat in the following diagram can be turned into a comfortable and cute pillow by making the right size pieces.

how to sew toys with your own hands for beginners

The next blank is easy to sew an owl. It can also be used as a pillow or just as a small souvenir.

sew soft toys with your own hands patterns

As you can see, a hand-sewn toy not only looks beautiful, but is also easy to sew. So it will not be difficult even for a beginner needlewoman to make such gifts or products to decorate your home.

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