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Do-it-yourself voluminous birthday card: workflow, templates and necessary materials
Do-it-yourself voluminous birthday card: workflow, templates and necessary materials

For a special occasion, such as the birthday of a loved one, you always want to choose a greeting card that will make a good impression and be remembered for a long time. But decent copies are rarely found in stores. Therefore, you can try to impress your friends with a handmade postcard. There are many ways to do this at minimal cost and without much effort. The main thing is not to tell your loved ones how easy it was for you to make this present.

do-it-yourself paper postcards
do-it-yourself paper postcards

Volumetric card "Happy Birthday" with your own hands

Let's try to create a voluminous greeting card that will look not only beautiful, but also much more complicated than it really is.

For her you will need:

  • cardboard sheet;
  • a few sequins or sequins;
  • twine;
  • PVA glue;
  • spray paint.

Thick multi-colored paper or cardboard may also come in handy. It can be purchased at a craft store or gift wrapping department.

To decorate the postcard, we will use images of balloons. You can make them in several ways. Balloons are a symbol of dreams, creativity, freedom of expression, flight of fancy. The first option for making such voluminous birthday cards with your own hands is to use patterned paper. It doesn't have to be a hot air balloon. Any ornament will do, for example, in a cage.

In order to cut the balloon evenly, you can use a stencil. Take an ordinary simple pencil and transfer the drawing from any suitable picture through tracing paper to thick cardboard. If you can draw by hand, it becomes even easier - draw a balloon immediately on paper. It remains only to carefully cut it along the contour.

How to make a three-dimensional inscription on a postcard

We continue to design the card. The main decoration element for the DIY voluminous Happy Birthday card is ready. Now we will create a congratulatory inscription. By the way, you can use this idea not only for a birthday, but also to please a loved one on any other holiday. Just change the inscription and part of the decor. For example, instead of a balloon, make paper flowers. It's not difficult, but the card will turn out to be very beautiful and spectacular.

do-it-yourself paper postcards
do-it-yourself paper postcards

When your paper balloonsready, put them aside. Take a regular newspaper to protect your work surface from paint. You will also need glue and twine to lay out a congratulatory inscription.

To do this, follow a few simple steps:

  1. Cut a thread long enough for each word.
  2. Moving along the lines, apply glue. Wait for it to dry.
  3. Paint the resulting words with spray paint. Choose the color to your taste. Done!

Another option is to make an inscription out of thick paper and cut it out using a utility knife. Most importantly, do not forget to put a wooden board, otherwise ruin the table. Cut a few more pieces of twine and process them in the same way to make balloon tails. Now it remains to assemble your handmade voluminous Happy Birthday card so that a single composition is obtained from disparate elements.

How to assemble a picture

Let's start the final stage. Cut a rectangle out of cardboard to make the base of the card. Then glue the tails to the balloons made of multi-colored paper. Use sequins and sequins for extra embellishment. Think over the composition and glue the balloons to the card, and place the inscription below. Do-it-yourself voluminous postcard "Happy Birthday" is ready! It remains to write a congratulation on the back and hand it to the birthday man.

3D pom-pom card

Let's consider another option for creating a greeting card. It will be a little more difficult to make it, but only in thatin case you decide to make all the elements yourself. Get ready to create something unusual with your hands - voluminous paper cards with yarn pompoms.

For work you will need:

  • postcard base or thick cardboard and paint sheet;
  • special device or cardboard circles for making pom-poms;
  • kraft paper with a pattern;
  • double-sided tape or mounting tape;
  • yarn of four colors;
  • scissors.

You can make almost all the elements of this greeting card yourself. Do-it-yourself voluminous postcards for children will surely please them. But a child can create them together with their parents. It will be not only fun, but also useful. Creativity and paper cutting develops not only imagination, but also fine motor skills of the hands. Therefore, if you are a parent and want to have an interesting time with your child, and the card is not intended for him, you can safely call the baby to do creative work together. And if you are a child and want to make a card for your friend, call your mom and dad.

how to make a DIY postcard
how to make a DIY postcard

Only brown craft paper with a pattern will not be easy to find in every home - you will have to purchase it separately. Ready-made pompoms, white or patterned cardstock, are sold in many departments that stock art supplies and stationery. But you may have to look for the option that is right for you.

Required Materials

In this tutorial, each element can be made by hand:find voluminous postcard templates on the Internet and print, and make pompoms from ordinary woolen or acrylic yarn. Cards with a simple monochrome pattern, such as small polka dots, will look stylish and will not draw attention to themselves from the central composition.

How to choose yarn

Our DIY 3D Birthday Card will feature delicious scoops of ice cream. We will make them from fine yarn of four colors. You can take any shades, but it is better if the shades are combined with each other and with the color of the card, if you have not chosen a black and white template.

In order to assemble the composition, you need double-sided tape or mounting tape. You can also use a glue gun, but it sometimes leaves stains and uneven drops. And this will spoil the appearance of the postcard. Therefore, if there is no mounting tape, it is better to use ordinary PVA glue. If you want to add a twist to your greeting card, use curly scissors.

How to make ice cream balls from string

Start by creating pom-poms. First, make a blank - two identical cardboard rings with a hole in the center. There are special slingshots for the same purpose, if you have them in your house - use them. More fluffy pom-poms are obtained if the difference in the diameters of the circles is large. Then wind the yarn around the rings, pushing the thread through the center. The more yarn, the fluffier the product. When the ring is completely filled, thread sharp scissors between the circles and cut them, and then secure the threads with knots. The cardboard boxes themselvescut and remove. It remains to trim the threads - and the pompom is ready. We make 4 different pom-poms - these will be our ice cream balls.

How to make a voluminous postcard with your own hands

Now you need to cut out a cup from craft paper. This is a regular elongated triangle with rounded edges. For convenience, you can use a ruler to make the edges of the cup smooth. If you can't find paper with a pattern, apply it yourself using a pencil. Simple and even diamonds will suffice, but you can come up with a more complex ornament if you want. Then a do-it-yourself voluminous postcard in the photo will look neat, and no one will guess that you created it yourself.

Take double-sided tape and start assembling. First glue the cup, and then place the pompoms as close to each other as possible above it. Press them on top with your palm for better fixation. If the base of your card didn't have a congratulatory message, add it using a liner or brushpen.

Card with three-dimensional flower inside

We looked at options for how to make different raised elements on the outside. And now we will learn how to create voluminous postcards with your own hands step by step with paper figures inside. The easiest option is flowers. In order to make them, you will need a special template, an example of which you can find below. Despite the apparent complexity, even a child can handle such crafts. Parents can help the little ones to cut something, but it is not necessary.

do-it-yourself voluminous birthday card
do-it-yourself voluminous birthday card

So, how to make a do-it-yourself voluminous postcard with a flower inside? You will need colored paper for it, but if you wish, you can take a regular A4 sheet for the printer and color it. Then the flowers will turn out even more unusual. Then we print out the template, cut out blanks on it and fold them as shown in the picture. Do-it-yourself postcards, voluminous inside, are not as difficult to make as they seem. The main thing is to follow the instructions and fold the paper correctly so that it opens in the shape of a flower. And also - correctly fix the element on the basis for the postcard. This can be done using special beacons.

Panoramic card with vase or flower pot

The previous version was simple. If you are willing to spend a little more time, you can try to do not just with one flower, but with a whole bouquet. To do this, you will need a base for a cardboard postcard, in the center of which you need to draw a rectangle measuring 3 x 7 cm. Make cuts along the vertical lines using a clerical knife. And then bend it in half so that it is inside the postcard. We got a base for a pot or vase.

do-it-yourself postcards for the day
do-it-yourself postcards for the day

Now let's start creating decor. Here you can not limit yourself and use flowers, insects and other elements of different sizes and shapes, focusing on your taste. The main thing is that the composition looks harmonious together.

do-it-yourself voluminous cards for children
do-it-yourself voluminous cards for children

Design of volumetric composition

Make a pot of coloredpaper and glue it to the front of the curved rectangle. Its size should be larger than the base in order to conveniently place the decor. Think over the composition, cut out the details with scissors or using a clerical knife. Then connect the individual elements, place them behind the pot and glue. Flowers do not have to be placed on the same layer. If you make several, the card will look more interesting. Just make sure that adjacent elements do not overlap each other too much. You can additionally decorate the card with stickers, grass cut out of colored paper or hand draw butterflies.

do-it-yourself postcards photo
do-it-yourself postcards photo

When everything is ready, check how the card will look when closed. Think about how you can decorate it outside. Will a simple congratulatory inscription be enough or is it desirable to do something else. For a three-dimensional postcard with a bouquet, for example, a window is sometimes made on the front, through which part of the composition is visible. It is simply cut out, sometimes adding a brown paper frame or curtain, decorating them with ribbons and beads. Do not be afraid to experiment and create original voluminous postcards. So you will please not only your loved ones, but also yourself. After all, little can compare in terms of the pleasure of the process with creativity and needlework.

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