Openwork knitting - simple and always fashionable
Openwork knitting - simple and always fashionable

Openwork knitting is one of the most popular varieties of this type of needlework. The creation of an openwork fabric occurs due to the execution of yarns, which alternate with front and back loops. It is the presence of yarns that gives the pattern lightness. Nakidas are usually thrown in the front row (less often - in the wrong side), knitted, respectively, in the wrong side (or in the second case - in the front), and they are knitted like a regular loop.

Openwork knitting

Openwork knitting is performed according to the patterns, which, as a rule, display only the front rows, because all the loops of the wrong side are knitted either purl, or "how the knitting looks", i.e. they are knitted over the front ones facial, over purl - purl. In order for the number of loops in the row not to increase due to the addition of crochets, some of the loops are knitted together. Therefore, their number remains always the same, no matter how many yarns are made in a row. When using Scottish knitting techniqueyarn overs are done in the front purl rows. This makes the drawing even lighter and more airy.

What products can be made with openwork patterns

Openwork knitting patterns

The knitted openwork fabric looks extremely light and attractive. It is often used to make women's summer blouses, vests and tops, sundresses and dresses, summer skirts, children's things. Knitting with knitting needles is a way to create amazingly beautiful shawls, scarves and stoles.

Openwork knitting is often used as a finish, especially effectively they are combined with front or wrong side stitch, garter stitch. An attractive point for knitters is the ability to create a patterned wavy edge of the fabric using openwork knitting. An original product can also be obtained by combining two or more openwork knits, which alternate in a certain order.

Knitting openwork spokes

Hand-knitted things remain relevant at all times, and the main reason for this is the uniqueness of the products that allows you to create openwork knitting. Models created by the skillful hands of knitters according to patterns and descriptions offered by popular magazines surprise with their diversity. After all, openwork patterns can have many interesting options, a very simple or rather complex texture, differ in a vertical or horizontal direction.

The same pattern looks completely different when using yarn of different colors or different textures. A special look to the product can also givesectional dyed yarn. The effect of an openwork pattern, especially one that gives the fabric a wavy effect, is greatly enhanced by the use of colored stripes made from yarn of a different shade or contrasting color. With high-quality performance, openwork knitting allows you to create real works of art.

Despite the influence of changeable and capricious fashion, unique things knitted by hand in a single copy always remain at the peak of fashion. They attract with their exquisite look, romance, originality.

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