How to sew a floor-length dress with your own hands
How to sew a floor-length dress with your own hands
do-it-yourself dress on the floor

Surely each of us had such situations when we came across a girl in exactly the same dress as ours. And the unpleasant feeling that arises at this moment cannot be confused with anything. Of course, we all understand that this is a normal situation, but for some reason I want to fall through the ground, and throw out the dress and never wear it again. To prevent such situations from recurring, you can start making clothes yourself, for example, sew a floor-length dress for the summer with your own hands. Calling on all the imagination and creativity to help, you can create a unique product in which you will feel great and original.

Sewing your own: preliminary rules

floor length dress pattern

In order to properly sew a dress to the floor with your own hands, you need to follow the steps in a certain sequence, not forgetting to measure and redo something once again. So let's choose a model. Having thought over the dress of our dreams in our head, we create a sketch - how this dress will look in reality. Then we take measurements and make a pattern. Then comes the process of direct tailoring of the dress andbringing it to the final with the help of additional details. The most important process is preparatory: a mistake made at this stage can ruin the whole idea. Therefore, it is better to double-check everything once again.

Take measurements and make a pattern

In order to sew a long summer dress to the floor, you should take these measurements:

- the length of the entire product;

- back length from the base of the neck to the waist;

- half the circumference of the waist and hips;

- half the circumference of the chest and above the chest;

- length from neck to shoulder;

- half neck circumference.

Pattern of a floor-length dress is a rather complicated matter, so you should act step by step. For beginners, it is better to sew a simple dress from inexpensive fabrics first. You can use the base pattern for a long dress, supplementing it with the necessary changes later.

Choosing style and fabric

The style should be selected based on the characteristics of your figure. Having chosen a suitable, at first glance, model, you can try on similar things in the store and decide that they exactly fit you. If you first decided to make a floor-length dress with your own hands, then choose simple styles that do not require special sewing skills. After that, you can go to the fabric store. Since we are sewing a summer dress, it is better to choose a natural material, such as cotton or silk, chintz. This product will be comfortable even on the hottest day.

Sewing process

Now we take measurements, create a pattern on paper and transfer it to the fabric. This is done using a special chalk or drysoaps and rulers. Cut out the pattern and tack on the details. Remember to finish the edges before final stitching. We simply tuck the edge of the fabric and sew it.

long summer dress to the floor

Combine the details - and the dress is almost ready! We add all the additional details, decorate with lace, appliqu├ęs, sequins. So we sewed a dress to the floor with our own hands, while spending a minimum of effort. Now there is no doubt - no one has such a dress. Using one pattern, you can sew several dresses in different materials and with different details and get a varied wardrobe for the whole summer!

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