How to knit a hat with a pompom - for beginner craftswomen
How to knit a hat with a pompom - for beginner craftswomen

Knitted hats have always been popular due to their versatility and convenience. Due to the ease of execution, many knitters began their training with knitting hats and scarves, but even the most experienced craftsmen find interesting patterns for themselves that changeable fashion tells us.

hat with pompom

Headwear comes in a wide variety of patterns, from jacquard with Norwegian stars, Irish braids and aranas, or one of the many rib options. Today we will learn how to knit a hat with a pompom, leaving the choice of pattern to your discretion.

knitting hats with pompons

What should be considered when choosing yarn for a hat? Regardless of whether it is winter or demi-season, the thread from which the hat with the pom-pom is knitted must have elasticity, allowing the finished product to fit snugly around the head, but not cause inconvenience. Therefore, we will leave cotton for panama hats and berets, and pay attention to semi-woolen threads. Unlike acrylic, this yarn does not stretch or peel when worn for long periods.


Cast on 20 sts and work 2x2 Rib for five to eight rows. Receivedmeasure the sample with a ruler and determine how many loops a hat with a pompom of the desired size will require. Typically 120 sts for medium weight yarn, plus 2 edge sts when knitting on 2 needles.

Getting Started:

Now we can cast on the required number of loops and knit a lapel with an elastic band 6 - 8 cm wide. The elastic report can be different: 3x2 or 1x1, according to your taste.

As soon as the lapel is ready, let's move on to knitting the pattern. An elegant hat with a pompom will turn out if you tie it with braids. The number of loops for such a pattern should be a multiple of 10. Remove the edge loop and knit 2 loops from the wrong side, then 6 from the front, 4 from the wrong side, repeat 11 times, 6 from the front and 3 from the wrong side. In the purl rows, knit loops according to the pattern. In this way we knit 6 rows.

In the 7th row, the front loops are crossed, forming a braid, for this we remove the first 3 front loops on an additional knitting needle, leave it at work, knit the remaining 3 front and 3 loops from the additional knitting needle. We knit the purl without changes, repeat the report every 8 rows.

When our pom pom hat reaches the desired size (20 - 25 cm, depending on desire), it is necessary to remove the loops from the knitting needle on a needle with a strong thread, tighten and tie the thread. If the product was knitted on 2 knitting needles, it remains to connect the seam with chain stitches and make a pompom.

hat with pompom

Make a pompom:

On any piece of cardboard we draw 2 circles, the inner diameter is 2-3 cm, the outer diameter is the desired size of the pom-pom. Cut out the donut and makearound the inside there is a loop of strong thread, with its help we will tie the finished pompom. We wrap the workpiece with yarn of the color of the cap or several selected shades so that the thread lies on top of the loop. As soon as sufficient, in your opinion, the number of rows is wound, cut the thread and tie the loop as tightly as possible, fixing the pompom. It remains to cut the yarn along the outer edge of the workpiece and remove the cardboard. Our pompom is ready, and with the end of the fixing thread it can be sewn to the hat.

Hope this pompom knitted hat will become your favorite item or a gift to your loved one as it is handmade.

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